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Swamini Vato

Jai swaminarayan.By this talk of Gunatitanand Swami that Ketlakne man ramade chhe ne ketlak manne ramade chhe,i think that many times we are tempted by our mind to watch t.v serials,movies,going to restaurants for a change,buying new clothes and stationaries just to show our friends.we do everything that our mind tells us to do but by thinking upon this talk,we should learn to control our minds by saying "no" to some unnecessary demands wished by our mind.Our mind wants new things everyday but we should control it by saying whats wrong with this old one,even this can do.This way we can save our time ,energy and money and use them all in reaching our goals for a better future and most important thing is-we should divert our minds in mandir activities to learn new things in satsang and to please our swamibapa by following niyams and agna given by him.

Rhea Vasani (8)
Dar-es-salaam, TANZANIA

to get to our one goal, akshardham, we must control our minds and not let your mind control you. Like the story about the watermelon, even if our minds want us to do the wrong thing always do the right and go with what your heart says.

janu (14)

Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami used to give some very useful and practical sermons, Therefore You should read them everyday.

Vandan (9)

Our sole should wish that we will to Aksherdham someday beause maharaj,gunitand swami,and all the other guras are there,execept for the swami ne vato says ãpne to ãkshardhãmmã jãvu chhe evo ek sankalp rãkhvo.I know that bapa is him self is Akshardham.So we should all want to live with bapa.How can we live with bapa? If we obey bapa's agna bapa is always with us,where ever we go !!

Surta Dave (9)
Ketlãkne man ramãde chhe ne ketlãk manne ramãde chhe. ã vãt nitya vichãrvã jevi chhe. I think that if you are with maya then your mind will control you. If you like chocolate then one day the chocolate might not get out of your head and you might not stop eating it. But, if you don't want to be controlled by your mind then you should take yourself away from maya like stop watching lots of tv and eat lots of junk food. it will help you alot if you want to be taken to akshardham

Komal Patel (10)

ketlakne man ramade chhe ne ketlak manne ramade chhe... that means that some people's mind takes conttrol over them and other people take control over them. People should stop and think before they act, if they're mind is telling them to do inappropriate things, control it.Show then who's boss!

Siddhi Brahbhatt (12)
Brampton, CANADA

My thoughts on the first swami ni vato is that, throughout our life our goal/wish should be to go to Akshardham. With this goal/wish we strive for a better life. When we try to live a good life we stay on the right path rather than being on the wrong track. So this swami ni vato, "ãpne to ãkshardhãmmã jãvu chhe evo ek sankalp rãkhvo", creates a chain that eventually helps us out throughout life and afterwards.

Nemi Patel (12)

I believe that this statement is completely true. We should wish to go to Akshardham. The people who control their mind achieve what they want to do in life. The people wo let their mind control them leads to laziness.

Nidhi Gandhi (13)
Apne to Akshar dham ma javu che evo ek sankalp rakhvo. Our goal is to akshar dham and no where else. What is better than akshar dham.............. a place where you can see maharj all day long.. how fun? Amazing labh Kind Super Happiness Awesome Reside santos and haribhaktos Delightful Helpful Admiring Maharaj is always there Therefore, the best place to go when you die is AKSHARDHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweta Patel (7)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

"Ketlakne man ramade chhe ne ketlak manne ramade chhe. a vat nitya vicharva jevi chhe." This Swamini Vat reminds me of a prasang. The prasang is when a little boy comes to give a watermelon to Shriji Maharaj. During the way he thinks "Hu Kavu? Na, na, na, A to Shriji Maharaj nu chhe!" With thoughts that the watermelon is for Shriji Maharaj he does not eat it. When the little boy gives the watermelon to Shriji Maharaj, Maharaj gets really happy on the boy and gives the boy pounds of sugar. When I think of this Swamini Vat I think of this little boy and the prasang, when I think about the prasang, I remember what Shriji Maharaj and Swami Bapa tell us, that we should control our mind, but not let the mind control us. We should remember this little boy in the prasang and follow his example of trying to control our mind. If we do this we can make Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami, and Swami Bapa proud. Jay Swaminarayan

Krisha Amin (11)
These two swamini vatos are very important in our lifes. We should have only and only one goal, and that is to go to Akshardham. If we control our mind then this is possible. If we don't then we might go on the wrong path. For everything we do we need to control our minds. If we don't then other thoughts will come in the way to Bhagwan and Akshardham.

Shivani Patel (12)

I think Swami is right to say that we should all want to go to Akshardham. We should do bhakti of God so we can go to Akshardham. We should do seva of Swami and God so we will be able to go to Akshardham. We shouldn't commit sins, knowingly or unknowingly. We should please God and his Saints.

Shreya Anjaria (11)

Apne to akchardham ma javu che evo ek sankalp rakvo.We should always have one goal to go to akshardam. We shall always think that if we have to go to akchardam in this janm.

Juhi (5)
Bramton, CANADA

Apne to akchardham ma javu che evo ek sankalp rakho It means that u should always have to go to akchardham.We should never take our eyes off the goal to go to akchrdham.

Suhasee (10)
Bramton, CANADA

ãpne to ãkshardhãmmã jãvu chhe evo ek sankalp rãkhvo.Our sole wish should be that we want to go to Akshardham. this is linked with a nother swami ni vat which is jena guru akshar hoy te akshardham ma layjay ne purushottam ne melve. we should all have one soul wish to go to akshardham.

yagnesh patel (11)

#1.Shaastra chhe te Kaary chhe ne motaa chhe te Kaaran chhe[The scriptures are the creation,and the Sadhu is the creator] #2.Gharmaa rahevu te mahemaanni pethi rahevu.[Live in your house only as a passing visitor] We should read 5 Swamini Vaato everyday.It will help us in our life and lead the path to Akshardham.It will also make Swamibapa happy! Gunatitanand Swami had changed lots of peoples' lifes by telling them to other people.Here is a story of why he sayed the vaatos. one day he asked Maharaj, that should I help sick people,act like a Sadhu,or do Vaato? Maharaj said, "You don't have to do anything but Vaato because it will change lot of peoples' lifes so do Vaato." So from that day he always used to do Vaato and had changed many peoples' lifes.

Heemani Brahmbhatt (9)

Jai Swaminarayan From Shri Gunatitanad Swami Maharaj's vat "apne to akshardham ma javavu che evu ek sankalp rakhvu" I come to know that if i want to go to aksharham then I should do as my guru, Pramukh Swami, tells me to do. I have to do Bhakti and Puja to gain the gnan of Satsang. Sadpurush ni agna nu palan kari ne akshardham ma jvay. To please my guru i would work hard on studies, i will always try to come first in studies, I will never keep the company of bad friends and so forth. I will try my best to learn Gujarati to just please my guru and Maharaj. Doing regular puja and ghar sabha nurishes my satsang. :) Jai Swaminarayan

Vinita Tandel (13)

ãpne to ãkshardhãmmã jãvu chhe evo ek sankalp rãkhvo~ this Swamini Vat has taught me and helped me understand that ultimately our goal, wish, and journey through life is at the feet of Maharaj and that we want to go to Akshardham.

Shalini Pandya (14)

Jsn, I think that the second Swaminni Vaat is one everyone should consider in their daily lives, it us that have got such a Guru like Pramukh Swami and it is our duty to pray to him to give us the strength to fight the mind from controlling the actions we take. Controlling the mind can help us get anywhere in life, that's if we want it to remain stable and do Bhagwans bhakti in the form of Akshar roop. Jsn

Rameshvari Patel (15)

Before I joined Bal Sabha I was being controlled by my mind but ever since I started going ther I started reading 5 Swamini vato's every day.This has given me inner peace and has given me a better understanding of what life is about.All Satsangis should read atleast 5 Swamini vato's daily then one willget inner peace. JSN

Vrushali Shah (13)
Gaborone, BOTSWANA

Ketlãkne man ramãde chhe ne ketlãk manne ramãde chhe. ã vãt nitya vichãrvã jevi chhe. This means that there are two different types of people on this earth. One type of person is controlled by his mind. He is constantly mislead to the feet of maya. We do not want to be this type of person. The other type of person is one who has the renowned ability to control his mind. One who controls his mind is able to steer clear of maya, and remain on the path of moksha.

Aneek Patel (11)

Jai Swaminarayan, Paheli swamini vat aapne sikhve chhe ke aapne to AKSHARDHAM jaavu chee bijie kyak javu nathi kemke ae aapne narkhma nakhe ne lakho janma leva pade. "One Mission: right in Akshardham." Biji Swamini vat kahe chhe ke aapne manne ramadvu, mann aapne ramade na jaay kem ke mann ni stability oochi hoy chhe etle aapne manne ramadvu.

Yogi Brahmbhatt (14)

Our sole wish should be that we want to go to Akshardham. You need determination, inspiration and desirness to acheive that goal. You need to be determined and you shouldn't give up if you can't stay up with what you agreed to. You need to read or watch things that will inspire you and help you achieve your goal. You also need to really want to achieve your goal and stay on schedule. That will help!

krushangi (12)
toronto, CANADA

Our sole wish should be that we want to go to Akshardham. You need determination, inspiration and desirness to acheive that goal.

harsh (9)
toronto, CANADA

Our sole wish should be that we want to go to Akshardham. It is not as easy as it seems. If you yourself don't set a goal forth, than you will get nowhere. You have to be more than what you already are. You have to really want to acheive your goal. Just wishing won't make your wish true. Keep trying and good luck!

krushi (9)
toronto, CANADA

Ketlakne man ramade chhe ne ketlak manne ramade chhe. A vat nity vicharva jevi chhe. Some people are controlled by their minds, while others control their mind. Sometimes we let our mid tell us what to do like eating out, watching TV, cheating at school, stealing, and other things maharaj doesn't want us to do. On the other hand, other people don't listen to their mind and read satsang books instead of watching TV, etc. The perfect example of this a well-known prasang about a small boy in maharaj's time who gave maharaj the first watermelon that grew in his father's farm. On the way, he got very hungry, but he didn't listen to his mind and kept going on and gave the watermelon to maharaj. Maharaj rewarded him with his rajipo and saakar. So if we avoid temptations from our mind and don't listen to our mind, then maharaj and swami will shower us with their rajipo. Jay Swaminarayan

Payal Patel (14)

Apne to Akshardham ma javu che evo ek Sankalp Rakhvo.........................Who wants to live a life akter we got BAPA. So then where do we do? GO TO AKSHARDHAM!!!!! We want to go to Akshardham and enjoy the happiness doing darshanof Shriji Maharaj. " Sitting in Akshardham, looking at Ghanshyam..." We should have a goal to pass the maya and attain Akshardham.

Dhaval Patel (11)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES


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