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   Qualities of an Ideal Child

Qualities of an Ideal Child

Who likes an ‘ideal child?
Mum and Dad
Brother and Sister
Friends and Relatives
In fact, teachers, gurus, sadhus and even God like an ‘ideal’ child.
Everyone is fond of an ideal child.
Swamishri is also fond of and shower his love and blessings on an ideal child.

An ideal child is one that can set good example for others. He is a role model. He is kind, caring and compassionate. He always listens to his parents, teachers, and sadhus. An ideal child attends sabha regularly and behaves when it is going on. He also studies hard and excels in school. We should all be ideal children in order to please Maharaj and Swami. Jay Swaminarayan.
Aneek Patel (13)

An ideal child is one who does nothing against the Shikshapatri. He wakes up early every morning, remembers Maharaj, and goes to take a shower. After a bath, he does his puja. When puja is done, he goes to mandir and does darshan of divine Akshar-Purshottam. After that, he bows down to his parents and then only does he eat his breakfast. At school, he remembers Maharaj and Swami many times during the day. He does shloka before eating lunch. At home, he does his homework and asks his parents if anything can be done to help around the house. At bedtime, he goes to his bed, prays to Maharaj and Swami and asks for forgiveness if he made any mistakes during the day. He falls asleep with the name of Maharaj on his lips.
Roma Gujarathi (12)

there are some qualities that makes you feel,you are an ideal are some suggjection:. do puja .no eating out .daily chesta. no tv/movies .no eating onion,garlic and meat. bow down to parents .respect eldery's [etc...]
palak patel (9)
new york city, UNITED STATES

An ideal child is one who wakes up early in the morning, one who does daily puja, one who does tilak-chandlo, one who has respect for their parents, one who does daily exercises, one who studies hard,one who follows the time managment,one who does prayers before eating, one who helps in home duties, one who has healthy habits, one who should keep good company, one who daily goes for mandir darshan, one who has spiritual company, one who does seva, one who attends weekly bal sabha, one who is honest, one who is clean, one who is polite, one who has satsang inspiration, one who does ekadashi fast, one who gives all satsang exams, one who studies satsang knowledge, one who has good character, one who does arti and darshan, one who does gharsabha, one who makes a sincere effort, one who participates in all satsang activities, one who follows rules of Bhagwan swaminarayan and Pramukh swami maharaj and one who does bed time prayers before going to sleep. one who does all this is called an ideal child.
namrata dave (11)
dar es salaam, TANZANIA
Jai Swaminarayan! Wakes up early in the morning and does dhyan of bhagwan and guru. Daily puja. Panchang pranam to elders. Does shlok before eating. Studies daily. Helps their parents at home. Goes to bal sabha regularly. Learns gujrati. Follows swamis aagna.
Sweta V. Patel (9)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

Admired by all Never gives up Intelligent. Delighful to have around. Excels in school. Always takes one step ahead. Looks at the good qualities in others. Confident in his acts. Helpful to people younger. Adarsh Looks for improvement in him. Devoted to god and his sant
Dhaval V. Patel (12)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

obey our parents.We should do the study well.should do regular prayer. To take care of younger brother /sisters. To do seva when some family member is ill. Try to make happy swami bapa.
yogi.D. Bhatt (10)

AN IDEAL CHILD "Being Adarsh" is what we need in us balaks' lives... We should be admired by everyone... We should be judged by our qualities and personality.. We should be the ones who are called "BAPS na balako"... Because of our nature... Helpful, Generous, Friendly, Smart, Admired, Super but most of all.... IDEAL! !!!ADARSH!!!
Dhaval Patel (12)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan. To be an ideal child, we must learn about life as we grow.We must pay attention to elders as they know much more things and facts than ourselves. But the most important thing/person/creation we must listen to is our atma. Also Bhagwan Swaminarayan has risked his life just for who? For us.We must take things carefully and listen to others.If we have a problem as we grow,who is there for us?? Maharaj!
Sabri Patel (10)

1. Make own work 2. Study regularly 3. Perform Puja daily 4. Goes Mandir for Satsang regularly. 5. Work while work, Study while study
Mansi Jitendra Patel (8)
Surat, INDIA

I feel that nobody is an ideal child. We are all humans and we all mistakes. Even though it is believed that an ideal child would pray regularly, not eat out, follow all of Swamishri's footsteps, many times as a human we commit mistakes which makes us no longer ideal. I believe an ideal child is one that TRIES to follow Swamishri's footsteps.
Nidhi (14)

an ideal child respects others like their parents, teachers and all the elders.An ideal child is also good at studies. ideal child listens and follows all the instructions given by their adults and guru. Ithink we all should be ideal child.
Maitri (12)
toronto, CANADA

what makes an ideal child is who listens to their parents instruction. And takes care of their parents when they are sick or in their times of need. they don't torment their parents. And always be nice and kind to everyone and don't be selfish.
radhika (9)
manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

If one follows bapa's agnas and abides(lives) by the rules maharaj has given us in the shikshapatri, then that person is adarsh.
sajnee thakkar (10)

I feel that the qualities that make up a good ideal child are trust, honesty, politeness, willingness, and bhakti. I feel that trust and honesty are characteristic traits that should be present in an ideal child because how is a child ideal if they tell lies and you can't trust them? An ideal child should be polite too. They can't talk back to people who are older than themselves. Ideal childrem must not be rude to others and they should remember the golden rule, "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all." An ideal child must be willing to accomplish any good task without becoming discouraged as Maharaj says in Vachanamrut Gadhada 1 - 16, Vivekinu. And last, ideal children must practice bhakti towards God. If they don't worship Him, then how can they be called ideal children? Just in this way, to become and ideal child, you have to have the characteristic traits of truth, honesty, politeness, willingness, and bhakti. Without these, you wouldn't be able to succeed in your childhood, let alone your adulthood. Jay Swaminarayan
Krisha Amin (13)

I think an ideal child should be a child that everyone can look up to. He should be the one to not only follow the niyams and agnas of Swamishri but elders around him. He should be trustworthy, polite and have a good personality. If he is not good at something he should be willing to learn and improve in whatever he likes doing. Most of all he should gain Bapas rajipo.
Dhruvi Patel (13)

Jai swaminarayan! An ideal child (gujarati def: An Adarsh Balak/Balika) always listens to their parents and follows the agna of swamibapa(Pramukh Swami)and never hits anybody. Every month, they try and make their friend come to the mandir and bal/balika sabha. They never make bad friends and follows the niyams from the shikshapatri. These are all the qualities that an ideal/adarsh balak has. Jai Swaminayan!
Nayan Brahmbhatt (7)
Brampton, CANADA
An ideal child: the apple of everyone's eye. The qualities that make one an ideal child in the eyes of many are not given to him/her at the hour of their birth; when for the first time they breath and take in the sweet scent of Mother Earth and its surroundings. Such characteristics are only learned, through what many hindus know as "good sanskar." What is sanskar? It is the manner and ideals that a parent holds the burden to present to their child. However, the child, as in us, holds the greater burden to learn these principals. Let us cover the traits required to earn the title of 'ideal child.' Initially, respect is an important quality one longs for in all. Respect to your elders, to your guru/teachers, to other's possessions; respect can even be showed by not picking a beautiful flower from another's courtyard without their permission. Another equally significant trait is that of the humbleness present; to eliminate the ego within and let the innocence permeate through all. For example, seva: in seva, when one does a task, one should not go around boasting about how much we have accomplished…an ideal child has such innocence within their soul, simply adding to their glowing charisma. And an ideal child is the apple of everyone’s eye.
Isheeta Madeka (14)
Bakersfield, UNITED STATES

1.I am kind to my family 2.I am not selfish I share with my friends and family 3.Im helping by doing the laundry 4.I am caring to my sister 5.And I love my family
Juhi (11)

An ideal child is no ordinary child or kid. An ideal child should be someone who has a dignity, but also the one who cares about their parents, friends, teachers, studies, and their relatives. As a satsangi some of the qualities we should have are bowing to our parents, after puja, doing puja regularly, getting good grades, following all the agnas of swamishri, and wherever we go either its school or a function we should bring pride to our guru (Prumukh swami Maharaj) and our parents. An ideal child has to wake up early before sun is out, knows how to manage time, and studies hard, they also pray before meals, dose arti regularly, good company which also includes spiritual company, dose seva, goes to weekly Sabha, is very clean, and is polite to everyone. We should also inspire others to do satsang, do ekadahi(fast), satsang exams, ghar sabha, having good satsang knowledge, try’s hard for everything and at last dose their bedtime prayer.
Nishtha Vaghela (10)
Brampton, CANADA
There are two wings to Akshardham. Agna and upasana. One of the ways we can be an ideal child is to follow Bapa's agna. Not just Bapa's agna, but whatever your parents tell you and whatever your teachers and sadhus say too. These things make you an ideal child. Also Yogi Bapa used to say that we should study for at least 3-5 hours a day. If we do study and follow the agna's of all of our teachers, then we are said to be an ideal child.
Janki (12)
An ideal child is called an "Adarsh Balak" in gujrati. Swamibapa has always told us to be an Adarsh Balak.The qualities of an ideal child are; respecting our parents and gurus and of course following their "agna". Which includes doing "tilak chandlo every morning, bowing down to your parents after pujA and all the things that are mentioned in the shikshaparti. An ideal child takes the "guns" from other ideal balaks, but does not see faults in them. He or she does not get jealous of others and is not mean or rude to anyone younger then them. This is what an ideal bal/balika would and should do. And we should all try to be like that! JAI SWAMINARAYAN!
Siddhi Brahmbhatt (13)
Brampton, CANADA

Jai Swaminarayan I belive that an ideal child firstly should belive in god. He/she should always listen to his guru, santos,parents and elder siblings. An ideal child doesn't quarrel over things such as clothes, food ect. They should always attend balak/balika sabha which occurs every sunday. They should be have at their best level at the sabha. They should not be talking to others during the sabha, they shouldn't fight for games that should be played in sabha not only that but they should never waste prasad because it has been offered to god. An ideal child would always perfom puja and ghar sabha. They would respect their elders. An ideal child doeasn't not even eat food from hotels and resturants just to please their god and guru. They mainly focus on studies rather than wasting their time on computer and television. So friends we should try to become an ideal child to please our god, guru and family. Jai Swaminarayan
nikisha (10)

aadarsh balika uthine nahi-dhoi ne puja karinej khaay, ratre suti vakhate be mala karine suii jaay, agiyarasma samosa khaay nahin. TV juve nahin, roj mandire jaay and ravi sabhama jaay, puja karine mata pitane paage lage, baharnu khaay nahin,jyaare homework karvanu hoy tyaare homework kare, aadarsh balika bapa and maharaj mate kashuk banave
sakshi patel (5)
westerville, UNITED STATES

Things that make me an ideal child are that I help my parents around the house a lot. I do a lot of chores, I also sometimes make like a small dinner if my parents work late. I also never forget to hand in my homework. I make sure that I complete everything and understand what I am doing. I love helping everyone. I makes you feel good inside. Help and be an ideal child if you want to not because someone forces you to.
Pooja (12)
East Bruswick, UNITED STATES
Jay Swaminarayan, I think a child who obeys the commandments of his parents,teachers,and guru is ideal. An ideal child should respect his elders and never talk back. He should always show a desire to do seva,puja and go to sabha. An ideal child always keeps firm faith in god and the sadguru.Prahlad was an ideal child.He kept firm faith in god and never gave up in worshipping god.We to should strive to be like him.
Ami Patel (14)

Ideal child would always go to mandir. He/she always does seva, they respect elders and obey them, they go to bal sabha daily, always follows what guru( pramukh swami maharaj) says. That child would study well , does tilak chandlo , follows niyams, never fights with anyone, does ghar sabha daily , and always shows a positive attitude. Jai swaminarayan.
Ishani (13)
Scarborough, CANADA

Qualities of an ideal child are being nice,compassionate,caring,kind,loving,helpful,obedeint and being spiritual.
Neesh Patel (11)


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