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Glory of the ‘ Swaminarayan’ Mahamantra

Describe in five to seven sentences 'The glory' of the ‘ Swaminarayan mahamantra' and how it has helped you in your life.

The glory of the swaminarayan mahamantra is VERY has helped me greatly in my life. it has helped me when i take tests, the night before i would study and in the mornning i would pray saying swaminarayan swaminarayan and my results would be high. this is due to the help of the swminarayan mahamantra. it has also helped yogi bapa when he was bit by a cobra,due to the swminarayan mahamantra the venom didn't affect yogi bapa. this is the power of the swaminarayan mahamantra. tis is the most powerful mahamantra. it has greatly, positivly affected my life. i am VERY glad to have it in my life.
Ami Patel (14)

The glory of the Swaminarayan Mantra is such that it cannot be described in words alone, but inour actions, our behaviour and our bhakti. The glory of the mantra is also such that many people have experienced the divinity of the Lord through samadhi by just hearing it or uttering it. The mantra not ony gives us the bliss of becoming one with God and establishing peace in our hearts, but it also conquers our base instincts of lust, anger, greed, ago, taste, sight, smell, sound, and touch etc. if we have absolute faith in the mantra and its deliverer (Lord Swaminarayan.) I also believe that the mantra also helps our inner selves in a way that no other mantra or word can. Jay Swaminarayan
Krisha Amin (13)

Jai Swaminaryan.The swaminaryan mahamantra has helped me alot in like when I am feeling sad or if I had a problem i say swaminaryan swaminaryan...It makes me feel very good and i feel that I'm able to achieve even the hardest of test.The mantra is very important in our religon.Maharaj and Swami have told many people who have trouble to chant it so I'm glad to be a part of sawminaryan religion.
Roma (10)

'Swaminarayan Mahamantra' represents hope and faith in God. When chanted over and over, you begin to feel relaxed, very confident, and even closer to Bhagwan. It also helps you to believe that something good is about to happen. Before a test or when lost, by reciting the 'Swaminarayan Mahamantra', God listens to your prayers and will respond soon. I say the 'mantra' in times of hardship and struggle, or of happiness and enjoyment, hoping that God will support me through it. So far I have not been disapointed, which strenthens my faith in God even more.
Nishita Patel (10)
East Brunswick, NJ, UNITED STATES

1.The Swaminarayan Mahamantra gives me peace in me and my family's life. 2.It gives me strength to carry out niyams whilst coping with pressure from peers in todays western society. 3.It has the power to make me achieve whatever i set out to do. 4.It helps me to attain virtues that bapa would like us to have by reading personal experiances of the santos and bapa himself. 5.By having utmost faith in my religion, it helps me to achieve good grades and to do well in my studies, thanks to the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and my beloved guru Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
Sajni Kanani (12)
Preston, ENGLAND

Jai Swaminarayan! The Glory of the Swaminarayan Mahamantra has helped many satsangis throughout the world. this holy mantra rids the mind of bad thoughts and calms the mind. Swaminarayan mahamantra has helped me in many ways. it has given me confidence in my exams in school. the swaminarayn mahamantra has people around the world escape the toughest situations in there lives. in conclusion this holy mantra is very crucial to our lives. Jai Swaminarayan
Tilak Zinzuwadia (13)

i think that one of the glory of the swaminarayan mahamantra is that if you are really scared and and if you say the swaminarayan mahamantra all you fears will go away. once i was really scared and my friend hazel and rich said say the swaminarayan over and over again and it actully worked i wasen't scared
suhani (10)
The swaminarayan mantra is very powerful. If I pray with all my mind, my prayers are always answer. It is always helpful during tests and exams. When I concentrate while chanting the Swaminarayan mantra, it always works. It is so powerful because Maharaj always answers your prayers when you put your mind to it.
Bina Patel (13)

The Swaminarayan Mahamantra is so powerful that it cleans your body. During test if I don't know any thing I just start saying Swaminarayn, Swaminarayan and I remmember it. If I got injured I start chanting and it doesn't hurt anymore. Its like calling god for help. Sometimes I chant for any reason but you should chant it all the time no matter whats going on.
Devanshi Patel (12)

Jai Swaminarayan, Remember when Yogi Bapa was bitten by a snake? The mere word of 'Swaminarayan' kept him alive. Such is the divine power of the word swaminarayan. Once, when I was coming home from school, I saw two people that were coming right toward me. I was scared that they might do something to me, so I started chanting swaminarayan. They walked right by me and nothing happend. So in the worst of times and in the best of times, we should always chant the swaminarayan mahamantra.
Janki (12)
The swaminarayan mantra is a powerful mantra it can help you in many ways. We should say the swaminarayan mahamantra every minute of the day. A famous prasang of the glory/strength of the swaminarayan mahamantra is the SNAKE BITE. The famous prasang of yogiji mahahraj and how the poison subsided after 12 hours. Like maharaj has said "astang yog ka to rog" this maens that if you don"t say swaminarayan swaminarayan..... in evey activity you do maharaj will have to put some "rog" disease in you. The swaminarayan mahamantra has helped in tests in challenges and to help me achieve the highest marks in school and in satsang.
Hamish Hira (11)

swaminarayan mantra give us peace.when i go for exam,i chant swminarayan mantra.when my mother was sick,daily i chant swminarayan mantra.its we chant we can free from fear.
Sharad Patel (11)
Anand, INDIA

In every exam i take i chant the mantra an ussally get extra credit. As the captain of my hockey team i thell every one to pray to god and i chant the mantra and we came second in our tonament. so the mantra is very oupisus and you chant it with every breath you take.
Vandan Patel (11)

swaminarayan maha mantra mane aadarsh balika banave che, satsangi banave che, ratre mane suvdave che, bik lage tyare swaminarayan swaminarayan bolwanu
sakshi (5)
westerville, UNITED STATES

The Swaminarayan Mahamantra is truly great. I have seen many prayers be answered through the chanting of the mantra. I, personally, had such an experience. I once lost an important binder for my English class. There was no way for it to be found since I had accidently left it outside on the benches at my school. The next morning when I went to school, the binder wasn't there. I searched everywhere: in my locker, at the lost and found, in my classes. I could not find it anywhere. That day my teacher was going to collect a test paper. My test paper was in my lost binder. I asked her if I could talk to her at the end of clas. Throughout the entire class, I kept thinking about what to tell the teacher. I thought of Maharaj and Swami and chanted the Swaminarayan dhoon in my mind. At the end of class, one of my classmates approached me. She gave me my binder and told me she had found it outside. Why did she give it to me at the end of class and not at the beginning? Truly, Maharaj had listened to my prayers. The Power of The Swaminarayan Mahamantra!
Bianca Patel (15)

I think the swaminarayan mahamantra has helped me get good grades in school and have peace.
Parth Patel (11)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES

The Swaminarayn mantra helps keep my mind fresh. Whenever I see anything wrong, tv, hear bad stuff, like the abhav-avgun of people or say something wrong I say the Swaminarayan mantra. It helps me stay poitive and be close to Maharaj.
Rutvi (14)
Toronto, CANADA helps me when i feel stressed out. 2.When i feel sick i feel better when i say it. 3.When i'm scared i say it. 4.before a test i say it for a good grade. 5.before i sleep i say it for a good dream. Jay Swaminarayan!
Mauktik dave (9)

This is the greteset protection we have with us we can use this anytime any day any day where in the universe. Here in Kenya we have not had rains as Bhaktavatssal swami's agna we are yet doing dhun everyday,on Sunday 5th April we had akhand dhun for 2 hours and it so happend that it rained heavily the same night.Thanks alot to Maharaj and Swami Bapa for the great Swaminarayan Mantra that they have given us.
amruta chawda (13)
nairobi, KENYA

Swaminarayan mantra is the supreme mantra forever. It helps us in a lot of ways. It solves our confusion, stops us from doing bad things. It brings us close to maharaj and swami bapa.It helps us in our troubles and also most importantly, it keeps us away from bad friendship,vyasan, and distractions on our way to Akshardham. It helped yogi bapa to get rid of the serpant's poison. It is the most powerful mantra, given by shriji maharaj
Ishani (13)
Scarborough, CANADA
It's hard to describe this mahamantra in five to seven sentence. I just fill that its help me in each situation. thanks
Mrugesh Thakkar (15)

The word Swaminarayan mantra takes away the poison of the Kala Nag like when Yogiji got stung and they did a Swaminarayan dhun and the Poison went away. It is the mantra my guru gave to me. Je Swaminarayan nam leshe tena bhatha patak bali de she. Jay SWAMINARAYAN!!!
Akshara Patel (12)

The Swaminarayan mahamantra has a lot of benefits and glories. It helps you attain Akshardham and if someone says it 5 to 7 times they might get purer. It scares away the ghosts and Swaminarayan bhagwan invented it and is the most holy world in the universe.
Kirtan Patel (12)
We say the swaminarayan mantra beacause maharaj protect's us from all the bad things in life.We also say the swaminarayan mantra because we do it in puja.We also do it in Mantra Lekhan.[writing swaminarayan mantra ln gujarati.]The swaminarayan is very useful in our life. JAY SWAMINARAYAN.
prakash patel (9)
new york city, UNITED STATES
Jay Swaminarayan! Well,the 'Swaminarayan'mantra has been helpful to lots and lots of people.It is one of the things that can help you and if you say what you want, indeed it will come true. FOR GOODS! There was a story about Shastriji Maharaj. One day him and his father were going to sleep. In the middle of the night his father had to go to his farm. After he had left Shastriji Maharaj woke up and left to go with his father. He took a stick and he left very bravely. He took the stick for a useful reason. He took it because if he saw a ghost he can scare it away. while he was walking to the farm he was saying the 'Swaminarayan'mantra. He knew that if he said the mantra he would not be scared.The mantra helped me by in puja I always said the mantra.I made all my wishes. They all came true. It is very helpful.
Sweta Patel (9)
No. Brunswick, UNITED STATES
THE GLORY OF OUR SWAMINARAYAN MANTRA: The 'Swaminarayan' mantra was given to all us devotees 13 days after the death of Ramanand Swami. We were all told to say this mantra in hardships we face or for our needs. And truly, this mantra benefited devotees from then and now. Firstly, Maharaj's sevak, Naja Jogia, was once in his town which was quite far from where Maharaj resided at that time, Visnagar. The king of Naja Jogia's town was against Swaminarayan Bhagwan and angrily told Naja Jogia, " If your Swaminarayan doesn't come to our town by tomorrow morning, I will literally break your knees thinking Shriji Maharaj is not god. It was almost impossible for Bhagwan Swaminarayan to come by feet all the way from Visnagar, however, by Naja Jogia worshipping the 'Swaminarayan' mantra, Maharaj indeed came. As the sun rose the next morning, everyone was shocked the Maharaj had came. As the king heard this, he also became surprised and asked for forgiveness in front of Shriji Maharaj. As you can see, Maharaj listens to each of his devotees' prarthana of the 'Swaminarayan' mantra and helped out his bhakta, Naja Jogia. Now, an incident from my life. During the Satsang Exams, I prepared a really great essay to write for a specific topic. However, there was also a chance of seeing other topics to write about. Every day in puja, I prayed to Maharaj and Swami by saying the 'Swaminarayan' mantra that the topic I wanted came so I can write great amounts of it and indeed, my wish came true. These were only some incidents that show the glory of our 'Swaminarayan' mantra, although, there are countless other situations where this mantra has helped out.
Dhaval V. Patel (12)
North Bruswick, UNITED STATES



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