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   Moral Story: Unity is Strength

Moral Story: Unity is Strength

Read and listen to the story and Write the Moral of the Story in 5-7 sentences.

From the story, "Unity is Strength" we can learn that is we work together, then anything is possible, even if it seems impossible. That is the main moral, but we can also learn, that if the flock of pigeons had listened to their leader, then they wouldn't have gotten stuck in the hunters' net. In the same manner, our "leader" would be Pramukh Swami Maharaj, so we should listen to him and follow his agna so we don't get stuck in this world full of maya.
Siddhi Brahmbhatt (13)
Brampton, CANADA

Unity is Strength. The Moral of the story is that always unite in a problem no matter how big or small it is. Listen to your leader, which for us is Bapa. So do what pleases Bapa and never go against his wishes and if you do then your will be in trouble, like the birds who didn't listen to their leader and got trapped in the net.
Vandna .H. Dave (15)

This story is one of the famous ones that we all listen to or have heard before. Even Yogiji Maharaj us to say this story in his bodh kathas. The birds were able to fly in the net, because they all had unity. They all flew at the same time and same speed and thats how they got home safely. His same thing happens to us in satsang. In satsang maya comes in the form of the hunter trying to stop us from reaching our goals. But if we have unity than we will be able to accomplish are goals such as going to Akshardham. When we do seva in the mandir or even when we are at home cleaning, we should have unity. During our seva we should probably sing kirtans or tell stories to make the seva go by fast and also make it fun. Swami bapa wants all of us to have unity, and if we do this than we can truely be like the birds and go to Akshardham.
Mukund Patel (16)

The moral to this story is obiously unity is stregnth. All the birds worked together to get out of the nets clutches and it worked. It saved their lives. Remember that one story where the king took the quiver of arrows and he told the strongest of his men to break the arrows. He couldn't because they were together. In the same way, we, Shri Swaminarayan Bhagwan's loving children should always stay together, and together, we, the future, shall take the Swaminarayan Sanstha to a new level. Bolo Shri Swaminarayan Bhagwan Ni Jai!
Janki Patel (12)


always listen to the leader. We should have confidence on us. always be with each other at the time of problem. we should understand what others are going to tell. if we be with each other then our promble will solve faster.
Krima Jigar Shah (10)
Vadodara, INDIA
Jai Swaminarayan all. We listen to Bapa to help us in life. We use Him at very useful times when we are needy. Bapa is wise and He cares for us. Just in the same way that we care for Him. As people always used to say," United we stand, Divided we fall". In the same way, we would have never been born if it wasn't for Maharaj and Swami. Thank you and goodbye.
Sabri Patel (10)

I READ THE STORY.the lession is -that - we should obey the advise of elderly. Work to gether, we will succeed. Unity brings success.

The moral of the the story is that in no matter what hard ships you have but if you face them happily, then you can still have a happy life.
Priyanka Mistry (13)
The moral of this story is to have unity with eachother,to work together in times of difficulties, and to always listen to peoples advice.What I mean by listening to peoples advice is you should at least consider it and think over it instead of just completely ignoring it. In the story, the birds completely ignored the birds advice. Working together in times of difficulties is called teamwork.Teamwork always brings success.Anything can be done by teamwork.Having unity enables us to escape from grave danger.So let us all embibe this moral into our everyday lives.
Ami Patel (14)
The moral of this story is, is if you work together then you can get out of trouble. If you are alone and something similar happen to you, you would need someone to help you and tell you some directions for you to follow. Working together is a nice way to get out of danger or trouble!
Aashka Chauhan (10)

Well first of all unity equals power. If you do things united then the better the outcome will be. You shouldnt think that you will do and can do everything by yourself. At mandir if your fellow balaks and balikas stay united the better you will get things done better.
Poonam Desai (13)

Samp, Surudhbav, ne ekta. Unity comes into all these categories. If we work together, who knows what we can accomplish! Have faith in Maharaj and everything will be alright. Remember this swamini vat. " Samp, Surudhbav, Shradha ne Ekta, e char vana hoy tho prabhu bajay. Ema shradha nathi baki badhu che" Jai Swaminarayan
Akshara Patel (12)

Unity is strentgh , if we keep together then it will be much more easier to do task ,its like the football game everone plays there part in the game to score a goal , just like th pegions they all flew together and escaped with the net and lived happily , in satsang if we want to be happy then we will have to work together

The moral of this story is; teamwork is better then being alone. Also, if the pigeons had listened to their leader, they woould't have went through all this trouble. So the second moral is, to listen to your elders because they are more wise and mature then you are.
Nayan Brahmbhatt (7)
Brampton, CANADA

The moral of this story is that if you work together you can do anything. Just like the birds worked together to pick up the net and fly we can also do that by living together in the family. This is called GHAR SABHA!!!! We all should do ghar sabha at least 3 times a week. So lets all do things with unity and do ghar sabha.
Parth Patel (11)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES

'Unity is strength'is the moral of this well known story...Bapa has always said that"If we are united no one can do any harm to us". Another thing we should learn from this story is that we must always listen to our elders because they know more about life than we do.In our case Bapa,our parents,or any elderly person must be respected AND we must listen to everything they tell us. Jay Swaminarayan!!!
Vrushali Shah (15)
Gaborone, BOTSWANA

The moral of the story is that unity overpowers in the end. Although the hunter was bigger than the pigeons, the pigeons stayed together and didn't lose hope. If it was only one pigeon, it would have been much harder to escape, but all of the pigeons put their heads together and were able to come up with a solution. Since the hunter had the intension of capturing the flock of pigeons, in the end, he didn't succeed. If you are doing something wrong, God will not let you accomplish. Plus, you will be commiting a sin, and therefore, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Nishita Patel (10)
East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
IF someone says something right you have to trust them. I will give you an example like mother and father says that don't eat too much chocolate, If you eat you get cuff and you got sick. The moral of the story is SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING RIGHT YOU HAVE TO TRUST THAT.
Dhaval Chandrajitsinh Solanki (11)
Adelaidde, AUSTRALIA
The moral of this story is Unity Is Strength.This moral means that if you are in a group you will have strength.If you have people with you,you will not be afraid.JAY SWAMINARAYAN.
palak patel (9)
new york city, UNITED STATES

The moral of the story was that if we maintain unity amongst ourselves then we can we can overcome any difficulty. just like the leader in the group of the pigeons, he told them not to go, but they did so they had to suffer, however when their leader encouraged them that they can all fly together with all their strength so they did. as Yogi bapa says, he only wants unity from us nothing else. So let us maintain that unity and overcome any obstacles. Jai Swaminarayan.
Meera Patel (15)
I think the moral of this story is....UNITY CAN NEVER LET YOU DOWN! At first, in the story the flock of pigeons didn't listen to their leader. As a result they got caught in the hunter's net.Afterwards, when they listened to the leader,they escaped by working together and flying away with all their strength.Thus,unity can never let you down...BECAUSE IT HELPS YOU OUT.
Shivangi Patel (14)
The moral of this story is that if we work together as a team then we could win. But, if we quarrel among ourselves,then we won't be successful. Cooperation in a team leads them to success. Also , when we are i a team / group then we should always listen to an elder person or the team leader. This could be really helpful. SO, shortly, unity is the strength of every team , and we should always follow that.
Ishani (13)
Scarborough, CANADA
The moral of the story is that when you work together and co-operate, you can acheive anything.
Neesh Patel (11)



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