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Please review this picture closely.
 Based on the picture, think about which story is pictured here?  Who is this picture based on?

Please give the picture a title and write five to seven sentences about it.  Don't forget to write the moral of the story and what you can learn from it.
priyank s patel (13)
navsari, INDIA
The title that this picture should have is Matru Devo Bhava. Pitru Devo Bhava.Mata ne Dev Saman Jano. Pita ne Dev Saman Jano. The story of this picture is that one day there was a very viveki boy called Shravan. His parents wanted to go on a pilgrimage all over India. So Shravan set to work making a kavad which is a carrier. As Shravan was taking his parents they said they were thirsty. So Shravan took the loto which is a water pot and took it to the lake as he was taking water, King Dashrath heard the gurgling of water mistaking it for a deer. So he shot his arrow and hit Shravan instead.  He ran in that direction and saw Shravan lying with the arrow in his heart. Dashrath took the arrow out but Shravan was almost dead. Dashrath tearfully asked Shravan if he had any last wishes. Shravan told him that he wanted him to take the water to his parents, and then he died. Dashrath took the water to Shravan's parents and told them what happened. Shravan's mother died on the spot. Shravan's father cursed him. He said "Just as we have lost our dear son you will also lose your most loved son and die like us, and he also died. And just as Shravan’s father had said, Dashrath lost his son Ram and died. The moral: There are many morals to this. Shravan carried the weight of his parents without complaining. When he was dying he was not upset with King Dashrath. He simply wanted to fulfill his parent's wish.
Shreya Patel (9)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES
I would give this picture the title,"Serving Your Parents". This picture is based on Shravan. His parents were blind. Shravan used to help his parents in many ways. His parents wanted to go on a pilgrimage but they were blind and old so they couldn't go themselves. Shravan decided that he would take them. He got a long stick and two baskets. He put one basket on each end of the stick. Shravan's mother sat in one of the baskets and his father sat in the other basket. He carried the stick on his shoulder and went on the pilgrimage. Once Shravan's parents became thirsty so Shravan went to go get some water from the river. At that same time a prince named Dasharath (Ram Bhagwan's father) was hunting in that area. As Shravan dipped the pot in the water, it made a bubbling sound. Dasharath thought it was a wild animal that made the noise so he shot the arrow and it hit Shravan in the chest. Hearing a scream, Dasharath ran towards the noise. He found Shravan with the arrow in his chest. He asked for forgiveness. Sharvan forgave him and asked him to give the pot of water to his parents. He then died. When Dasharath arrived with the pot of water, Shravan's parents thought that it was Shravan. Dasharath told them who he really was and told them the bad news. Shravan's parents refused to drink the water and wished to be taken to the place where Shravan had died. They then started to cry. Then Shravan's father said," I do not want to curse you but I can see your future that you too will die grieving for your son just like us." That prediction came to be true because King Dasharath died grieving for Ram Bhagwan.The moral of this story is that you should do seva. From this story we learn that you should serve your elders just as Shravan did.
Sneh Amin (11)
This picture is based on Shravan.He had two blind parents. Although his parents were blind they had wished to go on a pilgrimage of India. However there was one problem; they could not go alone. Hearing this Shravan had decided to fulfill their wish. So he created a special carriage for his parents to sit on, and he carried it on his shoulders throughout all of India. In this way Shravan is a great example of doing service to his elders.
Krupa Parekh (12)
on mother-fathers seva, which is done by shravan, by taking them to pilgrimage. the picture consists of shravan, his mother on right and father on left in the kavad. Sharavan’s mother and father wanted to go to pilgrimage to temples. they were very old, and were blind too. So he took them on a pilgrimage. but in ayodhya he was by killed by prince dashrath by mistake. he did everything for his parents, he did seva everyday. so we learn that we should obey our parents and we should do their seva.
vandan pokal (12)
gondal, INDIA
Jay Swaminarayan I'm Tanushree. The picture is about Shravan. He was a child hero. His parents were blind but he did not care because to him his parents were God and used to serve them in every way, everyday. His parents wanted to go to chaar dham yatra, so to fulfill their wish he took them in a kavad and went for yatra. During the journey, his parents became thirsty, so he put down the kavad under the tree and went to get water from the river Saryu. Kind Dashrath was also hunting in the area.When Shravan was filling the water the pot made some noise, King Dashrath thought that there was an animal drinking water so he shot an arrow. It hit Shravan in his chest. Shravan fell on the ground.''What wrong did I do that someone is trying to kill me!''Hearing a human voice Dashrath ran there. There King Dashrat found Shravan lying on the floor nearly dead. Shravan asked if he had done anything wrong. ''No'' King Dashrat replied. Shravan said that my parents are sitting in the kavad under a tree not far away, they must be thirsty give them this water and accept your mistake. King Dashrat went to Shravan's parents and told them that he had killed their son by accident. Please drink the water. Shravan's parents did not drink the water instead they cursed him and said that the way we are dying in misery of our son, that's the way you will die as well. Saying this they both died. The moral of this is that we too should respect and serve our parents like Shravan.
Tanushree (12)

Shravan- The Ideal Child This picture is about Shravan, who was taking his blind parents on a pilgrimage.  When they got thirsty, he went to get water from the lake. Prince Dasarath, who was hunting at that time, and thought Shravan was a deer, so he shot his arrow. Shravan got hit in the heart, and his dying wish was to give his parents the water. When Dasarath went to give them the water, they cursed him out of grief saying he would die missing his son. The moral is to serve your parents with devotion and care because they have raised you and given you the right to live. Jay Swaminarayan!
Roma Gujarathi (13)
SHRAVAN'S INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY Shravan was a boy just like us who understood the mahima of his aging parents. As per their wish, Shravan sacrificed his childhood and took his parents on a final pilgrimage around India by foot. On top of that, he had to carry his parents in two baskets over his shoulder. Yet, he forged onwards, walking thousands of miles with an incredible burden just to gratify his parents and appease their dying wish. Shravan's story of selfless devotion serves as the epitome of who we strive to be in order to please Maharaj and Swami. Jay Swaminarayan.
Aneek Patel (14)
The title is Helping others. this is the story about the boy named shravan who took care of his blind parents. He took his parents on a pilgrimage and fulfill their wish. we must always respect our elders, our parents & our teachers & guru. We should always try to help the people who are in need. By doing seva and helping other people, we will make swami bapa raji and make our life happy. I learnt from the story that be nice and kind and helpful to others.
Juhi soni (8)
the story is about shravan. the person holding their parent is shravan. the moral is that always help take care of your parents.
drasti patel (12)
the Story is about Shrvan who is the perfect role model for all children. he helped his parents when they were old and they even can't see and they wanted to go on a pilgrimage, so he took them in kavad . from this story the moral is that never leave your parents even though their legs or hands are not working. because they take care of us till now. they made us capable enough to do something in our life so we can achieve what ever in our life. so we should help them, and if we help them then maharaj and swami will be proud of us. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
kiran patel (17)
You should love your mother and father and we should respect our mother and father and we should not force our mother or father to buy expensive things and we should help our mother and father
rushi (6)
nairobi, INDIA
this is a picture of shravan with his father & mother in kavad. shravan was born at midnight calling majam raat. Shravan’s parents were blind. shravan was thinking as matru devo bhav & pitru devo bhav. he was real matru-pitru bhakt. after marraige he asked his wife to do seva of parents & when she refused to do seva he took his wife back to her father. after that he went to darji to make new cloths for parents, then to mochi to make chapal and to sutha to make kavad. then in kavad he went for yatra to his parents. thus he was great matru pitrubhakt. he was shot by an arrow of raja dasharath.
prerak amin (10)
deesa, INDIA
to love your mother and father and help to protect them. do not disturb them when they are sad
kirtan jayesh patel (9)
nairobi, KENYA

The picture is based on the story of Shravan. Shravan was a child whose parents were blind. He took really good care of them. One day his parents asked him that can you take us to all the mandirs so we can do darshan. He said yes and then he took a stick and made two baskets at each end to have each of his parents sit on one edge. They went and when his parents said they were thirsty he went to the river nearby to get some but while he was getting water, the father of Ram who was King Dashrath shot him thinking he was an animal. When he shot him and realized his mistake he went to Sharavan’s parents and said "I am so sorry." Shravan said "take this water and go give it to my parents". King Dasharatt took the water to Shravan's parents, but his parents said you are not Shravan so we will not drink the water. They also said that we will die since my child has been killed. So the parents died. Shravan was an ideal child because he cared so much about his parents. When he was about to die, he didn't care about himself but he cared about his parents getting the water. The picture above shows Shravan carrying the stick and we can see the two parents in each basket on two ends.
Yash K. Patel (11)

an ideal child shravan was a good boy. he obeyed his parents. his parents were blind. we should be respective
jay (11)
Nairobi, KENYA

SRAVANI BHAKTI aa picture sravannu chhe. sravan bahu sanskari ane sevabhavi hato. tena matapita andh hata. te potana mata-pitani khub seva karto hato sravanna mata-pita sravan jevo putra pami khub khush hata. sravan na mata-pita have vrudhh thaya hata. tethi temne ek vakhat mrutyu pamta pehela sravanna mata-pitaae tirth yatra karvani icha vyakt kari. tethi sravane temne tirth yatra karavavano nirnay karyo.ane tene ek trajvu lai tena ek pallama matane ane bija pallama pitane besadya. anete trajvo potana khabe uchaki temne satat 11 varsa sudhi 63 tirthoni yatra karavi. ante ek rajani bhulne karne te rajana hate sravan mrutyu pamyo aje pan sravanni bhaktine loko yad kare che.JAY SWAMINARAYAN.
shah saloni k. (12)
vyara, INDIA
sab logo ki seva karni chhahiye this stort is based on Shravana. his parents were blind so he used to carry his parents on beam balance. he loved his parents very much. he was ready to sacrifice for his parents. his behavior was very gentle towards everyone. moral: we should be like shravana and take care of your parents
Prajesh Jatania (10)
Balasore, INDIA

Shravan was the son of two blind parents, who’s desire was to go on a pilgrimage of India. But being blind, they could not go by themselves. Shravan understood his parents' wish and decided to fulfill it. He created a kavad. A special carrier. Which his parents sat in. And he lifted it on his shoulders as he tirelessly carried his parents throughout India. Shravan is remembered for his sincere service to his parents. We should respect parents and do seva.
Dev pankaj Parekh (7)
Title : Loyal Son Picture is about "Shravan Kumar carrying his blind parents on a pilgrimage " Shravan kumar was the son of two blind parents and a very obedient and dutiful son. Since they were blind and old, he carried them and took them to different holy places. Once, when his parents were thirsty, he went in search of water and found a lake. When he was fetching water, Dasharatha, King of Ayodhya, who had come for hunting, mistook the sound for an animal and using " shabdhavedhi " skill, he shot an arrow, which hit Shravan. When Dasaharatha heard Shravan's scream, he ran and was shocked to see that he had killed a person. Later, he went to Shravan's parents and asked them for their forgiveness. The old parents was grief stricken and cursed Dasharatha that when Dasaharatha dies, none of his sons would be around and so it happened. Moral : Be dutiful towards parents and elders and respect them.
Nikhil Kashyap (9)
Bangalore, INDIA
The picture is shruvan doing seva for his parents. The moral is you should serve your parents until your last breath. We should be like shruvan.
Sumit Joshi (11)
This picture is about Shravan. He is taking his parents to Dharmaytra. His parents were bilnd and disabled. They were willing to do dharma yatra and told shravan about it. Shravan took them to various places of devotion. He made a kavad and put them on the kavad to get place to place. Shravan was obident and was looking after his parents. Title : Shravan & his parents. Moral: Shravan had very good manners and was caring about his parents. we all should look after our parents very well and we should be kind to them.

Extinction of Senior Citizen Homes! Like Shravan if we truly imbibe Matru Devo Bhava...Pitru Devo Bhava...there would be no need for facilities such as senior citizen homes, senior citizen day care. If such qualities were imbibed, we would all together be better people...and thus the world would be a better place. And a better world is the vision of Swami Bapa and something we all yearn for...
Rajiv (13)
Title :- SHRAVANKUMAR Shravankumar was gone for tirth with his father & mother. His father & mother are unable to walk & also they were blind. They want to go for tirthyatra. So Shravan carried the kawad and went one place to other. MORAL :- We must have to complete the wish of our father & mother. We must respect our parents.

The title to this picture should be The story of shravan , because this picture is based on how shravan took his blind parents on a pilgrimage around all the holly temples in India, and this story leaves us with a moral and that is we should always take care of our parents
Heta (11)

this picture states that we should always obey our parents. they are like god, like god in our daily life. We should help them. This story is about Shravan, whose parents were blind and they wanted to do some holy Jatra. Shravan was intelligent and he thought some idea to take them. but due to some co-incidence, shravan was killed by king dashrat MORAL - We should always obey our parents. Jai Swaminarayan
Harivadan patel (14)
vadodara, INDIA
The story pictured here is of Shravan. This picture is based on Shravan and his parents. Title : Shravan ni varta. 1. Shravan was a very ideal son of his parents. 2. His parents couldn't see. They were blind. 3. One day Shravan decided to take his parents to jatra. 4.He prepared a Kavad for his parents to sit in. 5. He carried his parents and went for jatra. 6. on his way his parents became thirsty and he went to get some water for them in a pitcher from the river. 7. He asked them to wait for him under a tree. While he was filling the pitcher, Dashrath Raja heard the Gud...Gud...Gud... sound of the water and shot an arrow in the direction of the sound. The arrow hit Shravan and he screamed so Dashrath raja realized his mistake but it was too late. When he came near Shravan, he asked him to go and give water to his thirsty parents. Dashrath raja went and gave water but they didn't accept and when Dashrath raja told them what had happened, they cried and cursed him that he will also die in the absence of his children and they died. Moral : We should do seva for our parents as Shravan did.
param (6)
toronto, CANADA

SHRAVAN 1.he was a true child 2.he obeyed his parents 3.his dad was blind 4.his mum was blind ~we should obey our parents
jay (11)
Nairobi, KENYA
This picture is based on shravan and how he took his blind parents on a pilgrimage around India. I think the title of this story should be "An Ideal Child". Shravan had parents that were blind and of old age. They wanted to go on a pilgrimage but didn't know how they would be able to do that. Shravan overheard this and he said that he would take his parents on a holy pilgrimage. The moral of this story is that you can be an ideal child by respecting and taking care of your parents.
Parth P Patel (14)
The Title of this picture is Shravana's seva. In this picture Shravana taking his blind parents to Jatra by taking them in KAVAD. The moral of this article to serve the parents with respect and love. Help them always in whatever their condition. That is true faith and love towards parents.
Karan Patel (12)
Vadodara, INDIA
This whole picture is based on shravana. The most obedient child. in this story it is that shravan’s parents were blind. Their wish was to go for yatra. so shravana fulfilled their needs. moral:The moral of the is that we obey our parents
chintan (15)
ahemadabad, INDIA

The title I would give this picture would be " Bal Bhakta Shravan’s Love and Devotion For His Parents." This story is one of the many common stories that we hear in our sabhas. It is the famous story of Shravan and how he took his parents to tirths. Both his mother and his father had physical disabilities. Therefore, Shravan took a huge bamboo stick and tied one piece of cloth on each side. He later placed his parents in each one of those cloths and carried the bamboo stick on his shoulder to the many tirths. Unfortunately, when Shravan was getting water for his parents to drink one day, a hunter had pierced an arrow through him thinking that he was a deer. The moral of the story is that you should always serve your parents with love and devotion just as you do to Maharaj and Swami. Jai Swaminarayan.
Jinal Patel (13)
For this picture the title i would give it is Seva, because this picture reminds me of Shravan who did seva for his mother and father day and night. he took them on a journey even though they could not see anything. one day they asked for some water and Shravan was glad to go get them some. but seconds later King Dushrath shot an arrow that hit Shravans chest. he told the the king that I know I’m going to die but please give my parents this pot of water, they are near the tree and they are very thirsy. The moral of this story is that even though his parents were blind, he was still willing to give his parents water during the time of his death. What I have learned is that Shravan sacrificed his childhood helping his parents because they raised him and gave him the confidence to take care of his parents.
Raxa Patel (14)
Burlington, Ma, UNITED STATES
Obedient Shravan. Shravan's parents were blind. Their wish was to go to yatra. So one day shravan took them for the yatra in weighting type cage. On the way they felt thirsty. So he told them to sit there and he went in the search of water. So he found a river and took some water and at that time a animal shooter standing far thought that he was animal, so he shot his bow and it got hurt in the Shravan's chest. When that shooter came there and he saw that he was a young boy. So at that time, Shravan told him that give this water to my parents sitting under that tree. MORAL:WE SHOULD OBEY OUR PARENTS AND FULFIL THEIR WISH.
Ronak Bhanushali (12)
Thane, INDIA

Shravan: The Ideal Son. The story suggests that we should always serve our parents with all our heart. As a famous kirtan suggests, "Shravan kumare mat pitane tirath karavya kavad lai, mare sauna sevak thavu chhe, mare hari bhajan ma rehvu chhe..."
Janki Brahmbhatt (14)

this is shravan.  who is helping his blind parents through by walking from place to place. shravan carried his parents on a weighing scale. Then he took them to place to place. he was killed by dashrath raja because dashrat raja thought it was a deer, so he killed him. While dying,  shravan told him to take the water to his parents. Moral:- you should help your parents at any cost as shravan helped his parents when he was still shot by dashrat raja.
Pooja Patel (14)
Shravan. Shravan took his parents on a pilgrimage by carrying them in a basket because they were too weak and blind.  He was shot by a king’s arrow.  Before he died, he requested the king to give water to his parents. The moral of this story is that when we were small, our parent's took care of us so we have to respect and serve our parents till our last breath like shravan did.
Upsham G. Naik (8)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

In the picture above, you see a young boy carrying his mother and father on scales. This is the story of Shravan. If I were to title this picture, I would call it Love and Care. I would call it Love and Care because Shravan was a young boy who loved his parents so much....he would do anything to help them. He did what they asked, he obeyed their every wish, and he carried both of them on scales!!!! Now, which one of us would carry our parents on scales....probably none of us. The moral that the story of Shravan taught us how to treat elders with respect and help your elders. You can help your elders in every way, you just have to find some way that would help THEM specifically. Try your best and see what comes out of it. Jai Swaminarayan!
Pooja Patel (13)
East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
A Small Boy: A Big Help
Jay Shah (9)

The title: Shravan: A gift to two parents. This picture reminds me of Shravan and when he carried his two blind parents on his shoulders. Even though his parents were blind, but they wanted to go on a pilgrimage. Shravan took them on this hard journey. Now a days, kids don't even get their parents a glass a water. I think that we should learn to be like Shravan and obey our parents. And for a small thing like getting them a glass of water, certainly yes.
Neha Patel (11)
Shravan is taking his parents on a pilgrimage. His parents are blind, and that is the reason they are on a 'kavd'. Respect you parents and serve them as God
Karishma Naran (12)
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

The Story of Shravan. Shravan was a very good son. He carried his parents on his back like in the picture. He was later shot by Dashrat Raja. The moral of this story is to serve your parents. Also listen to them and do what they say.
Kirtan Patel (13)

Always serve your parents. This story is based on Shravan. in this story Shravan's parents, are disabled, and they told Shravan that they wanted to go on a pilgrimage, so he took them to the pilgrimage. During the journey Shravan went to fetch water and while he was getting the water, King Dasharath accidently shot an arrow, which hit Shravan. then his parents heard Shravan say "Ram!" so his dad gave a curse to King Darsharath that, "the way our son died while serving us you will will die the same way". we can learn that the way Shravan served his parents whole-heartedly despite their disability, we should serve our parents, and not talk back to them when they ask us to do chores. We should always learn to respect and serve our parents. Jai Swaminarayan
Meera Patel (16)

This picture reminds me of Shravan. He carried his parents to different pilgrimage places. He made his parents’ wishes come true no matter what he had to go through. He also did it willingly and with utmost respect. While he was getting his parents water, Dasrath shot him mistaking Shravan for a deer. Even while he was about to pass away, he remembered his parents and asked Dashrath to give them water. We should always obey our parent’s commands. The next time our parents ask us to do something, we should respectfully perform any task asked. We should learn from the life of Shravan.
Ami Patel (15)

An Ideal Child once there lived a child named Shravan who was very ideal. he woke up in the morning and served his parents dearly. he would follow every command and request his parents made. one day Shravan's parents said to him "dear shravan, please take us to visit different mandirs on a pilgrimage." Shravan was ready without hesitation and eagerly said yes. his parents being old and blind couldn’t walk on foot and so shravan made these two baskets and attached them to a stick. he made his parents sit in one each and carried the stick on his shoulder. like so shravan took his parents on his shoulders to different temples. Moral:Like Shravan, we should always respect our parents and do as they say without a bit of hesitation.
falak shroff (14)

Jai swaminarayan Title : Shravan being very helpful. Shravan cares about his parents a lot, he takes his parents wherever they want to go. He takes them to do jatra. He never says I do not want to help my parents today. I learned from the story that we should always help our parents when they need help. we should always care about our parents even if they scold us. Moral: always always always take care and love your parents in any situation.
sakshi patel (6)
hillsboro, UNITED STATES


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