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31 July 2005, Bochasan, INDIA


The balaks of Bochasan zone organised Bal Din in the distinguished presence of Swamishri on 31-7-2005. Seven thousand devotees and five hundred balaks participated in the celebration. The previous evening under the instructions of Tyagvallabh Swami two balaks dressed as Kashidas and Hiramukhi conveyed the invitation to Pramukh Swami Maharaj to grace the occasion with his presence.

The next day the celebrations began before sunrise. After completing Thakorji’s puja in the morning when Swamishri set out for darshan at sanctified places, he found balaks reciting slokas, Swamini Vato, Amrutbindu, Janmangal Namavali, etc. During the puja the balaks delighted Swamishri by singing kirtans.

Honouring the invitation of the children, Swamishri came to the assembly at 11.00 am.

After the welcome dance and a skit on the laxity with which Sura Khachar observed niyams, there was a question-answer session between the balaks and Swamishri by way of blessings.

Swamishri replied the last question in writing as follows:

Que: “Swami Bapa! Show us the way to progress in life on all fronts.”
Swamishri wrote in the form of an aphorism, “Worship Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Have steadfast love and faith in Satpurush. Remember you are the atma and not the body. Faith, concentration – these are the things that will take you forward in life.”


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