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    De-addiction Campaign by BAPS Children
1 to 20 May 2007, India

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During the summer vacation, between 1 and 20 May 2007, 23,000 BAPS children and 5,050 children’s activities sanchalaks throughout India participated in the De-Addiction Campaign organized by the BAPS Children’s Wing.

The balaks and balikas were given intensive training on the message to be conveyed, presentation methods and how to cope with the possible situations they may encounter.

A total of 5,500 groups were formed, each comprising 4 to 5 balaks or balikas. Each group was assigned a 10-day schedule to contact people in their locality at their homes, offices, factories and in public places, such as, bus and railway stations, parks, tourist spots, etc.

In total, the children contacted 2,100,000 people of whom 630,000 pledged to give up their addictions to cigarettes, tobacco, masala, alcohol and other destructive habits.

To create an awareness among the public of the need to lead an addiction-free life, the children also set up exhibitions at prominent places. They also gathered large groups of people and showed a specially prepared 15-minute video entitled ‘Stop… It’s Not Yet Too Late’ showing the damaging consequences of addictions in personal, family and social life.

In major cities, thousands of children held colourful and inspiring parades to convey the message of anti-addiction.

In addition, in many places, children performed a specially scripted drama, entitled ‘Tirad’ which portrayed the personal, familial and social destruction caused by family disputes.

Many dignitaries praised the bold and brave efforts of the children, commenting that encouraging addiction-free lives will help to solve many of the problems prevalent in today’s society.

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