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The Shining Stars of BAPS Children
14 December 2007, Amdavad, INDIA


These days, such great and noble values being in such small children is a true miracle. Bal mandal, however, is a source of countless such miracles.

Here, young balaks are inspired to be like Dhruv, Nachiketa, Prahlad, Bharat and Eklavya. Here, balaks are taught the knowledge of atma and Paramatma from a very young age.
Here, the fires of self confidence and determination are lit within children. As a result, BAPS children have developed extraordinary talents and have succeeded in countless fields. Nine such balaks with exceptional achievements were honored in sabha. Swamishri blessed each of these balaks.

Nishank and Nishok Jayshval (Mumbai)

Three years ago, these two balaks, ages 11 and 12, broke a national record by swimming from Dharmatar to the Gateway of India, a 35-kilometer distance. Countless newspapers, magazines and television news channels noted their extraordinary achievement.

Vandan Popat (London)

Despite living outside of India, this 13-year-old balak has worked hard to please Swamishri by learning Gujarati and passing all satang Exams at a very young age.
Yogirajsinh Rana (Dharmaj)

From amongst 31 countries and 3,700 children, this 12-year-old balak won 3rd place and 1st place in India in UCMAC's competition involving the ABACUS math technique.

Sharad Patel (Anand)

In just three years, this balak has read 20,000 pages of satsang books. Aside from satsang books, he also achieves well in school. He has scored more than 95% in each school standard until now.

Akshar Gajjar (Vidyanagar)

Musician. Dancer. Artist of more than 300 masterful paintings and drawings. An expert artist, he has received countless certificates, medals and honors. Moreover, his paintings have been sent to Japan and Korea for display in museums.

Akshar Modi (Amdavad)

An extraordinarily intelligent child, this balak has memorized 425 shlokas and sakhis and 500 Swamini Vato. He has read more than 1200 different books and can speak on the Mahabharat for an astounding six hours.

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