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    President APJ Abdul Kalam Felicitates
BAPS Children For The De-Addiction Campaign

5 July 2007, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi


On 5 July 2007, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi, the President of India, H.E. APJ Abdul Kalam felicitated the children of BAPS for a successful De-Addiction Campaign.

First, the president was shown photographs and given a detailed report of the campaign. Then, at the president’s request, one of the children demonstrated how they approached people with the de-addiction message. Testing the children, President Kalam asked, “Convincing people to leave their addiction is difficult. If somebody refused to leave their addiction, how did you explain to them?”

In reply, one of the children explained that they tried to convince such people by showing them the specially printed photographic booklet and logically explaining the scientific basis of the harmful consequences of their habits.

The president was delighted with the children’s presentations and then narrated a story, “On every person’s left shoulder there are satanic forces and their right shoulder there are angelic forces. The satanic forces lead one to indulge in alcohol, drugs and other addictions, and to do bad things. And the angelic forces lead one towards on addiction-free life, and truth, love, non-violence and other virtues.”

Then President Kalam said, “The children were able to free people from addictions because they convinced the people that by increasing the strength of angelic forces people could overcome the satanic force. They were instrumental in enhancing the angelic forces in individuals and giving them the strength to get rid of addictions and bad habits.”

The president taught the children, “Confidence leads to creativity; Creativity leads to knowledge; Knowledge leads to thinking; Thinking makes one Great.”

At the end of the meeting, President Kalam once again congratulated the children for their noble work and had photographs taken with the children.

The president then instructed his secretary to show the children around the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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