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Bal Sevak Sevika Shibir 2007
Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi
30 Dec 2007 to 1- Jan 2008


Around 72 Sevak-Sevikas took part in the shibir that was organized as a part of the centenary celebration at Delhi’s Akshardham. This shibir was on 30/12/07, 31/12/07 and 01/01/08.

The shibir started at 10 a.m on 30/12/07. The participants were imparted knowledge about satsangs. They were also shown videos related to this. On 31/12/08, the Bala-Balikas were taken on a field trip to Mother Dairy, which is the largest dairy in North India. They were show how different milk products are made. Many of the Sevak-Sevikas won prizes during the question answer sessions conducted at the dairy itself. The marketing manager Mr.Kar and Mr.Jose were impressed by the intelligence of the children.

1/01/08 was the training day. Mr.Sanjeev Chopra of Sumitra foundation gave important tips on the use of English language to the participants of the shibir. Mr.Anurag Tyagi took the classes for Science and Math. He taught the children so well that the wanted extra classes with him. He in turn was very much impressed by the bright Bal Balikas, and wanted to know how they had become so smart.

During this shibir , the anti-vice movement was continued by the children at the Delhi Akshardham. The children woke up at 5 in the morning during the 8degree cold in Delhi. They would take their bath and get ready for the Samuh  Puja at 7 a.m. At the end of the shibir a 30 marks test was taken. The Bal-Balikas were informed of the future programmes of Child activity Centre and were each given a parting gift.

 Thus at the end of the 3 day shibir the children learnt about many new and different things.
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