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    Parents Congregation 2008
18 Feb 2008, Surat, INDIA

Parents have the responsibility of looking after their children so a better future is created. To enlighten the parents about this duty, with the blessings of Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj, a Parents Congregation was organized by BAPS BALMANDAL, Surat. The meeting was spread over a week’s time from 12/02/08 till 18/02/08. But the preparation for this congregation was started days ahead of the starting date. Invitations were sent out to the parents, volunteers were trained and teams were made well in advance. Each team was briefed on the work that was assigned to them and their responsibilities. All the members did their work with enthusiasm and vigour. The meeting saw a successful conclusion after a well orchestrated 7 days of using the videos, discussions and debates. More than 16,000 parents who had attended the meeting saw a very positive change in their way of thinking. They realized how important it is to impart good values to their children. Children from nearly all the 180 centers participated and vowed to perform their duties earnestly.

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