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11 July 2010, Delhi, INDIA

Squeals of laughter and young voices of excitement were resonating from the lawn adjacent to the Sant Ashram in the Delhi Akshardham.  It was July 11 and the Balaks were awaiting the arrival of P.P. Swami Bapa on the occasion of BAL-Din.  Excitement and joy could be felt in the air as the lawn was being set up as a children’s playground.   A highlight of the play toys was a huge balloon slide that was filled with gas and swayed along with the wind.  Additionally, table tennis and cricket game demonstrations were also included.   P.P. Swami Bapa released a cluster of colorful balloons commemorating the occasion.

P.P. Swami Bapa came out of the Sant Ashram and proceeded towards the Mandir for his daily darshan of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Ghanshyam Maharaj, Shastriji and Yogiji Maharaj.  The balaks greeted him in unison with one voice, “Sahajanand Swami Ni Jai, Guru Hari Pramukh Swami Maharaj”.  P.P. Swami Bapa reciprocated their inner sentiment with divine actions as he gestured towards the balaks who were taking in all his actions in awe, sure to be their divine memories for the future.

After Puja Darshan, the balaks continued their celebrations with a vibrant bhangra dance.  To their immense delight, P.P. Swami Bapa acknowledged their devotion clapping along with the beat of the drums.

In the evening, during the Ravi Sabha conducted in the presence of P.P. Swami Bapa, the balakspresented dramas, Shravan and Nachiketa.   P.P. Swami Bapa affectionately blessed the balaks for their diligence in undertaking and observing special niyams.  The highlight of the evening was P.P. Swami Bapa’s blessings stressing the need for character in children and the role of the parents in helping build this character.   The parents and balaks promised to uphold P.P. Swami Bapa’s aagna thus concluding a rousing and memorable event.

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