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    Diwali & Annakut Celebrations
28 October 2010, Raisan, INDIA

Pre-Primary section of the school celebrated pre festival of Diwali & Annakut on Thursday 28.10.2010. The aim of celebrations was to give tiny tots the knowledge of Hindu culture. They were given the information & detailed explanation that why the occasion of Diwali is celebrated. The children showed a lot of eagerness to learn about the great festival of Diwali. The hour long  celebrations helped them to gain ample information regarding the festival. More than 50 varieties of food were offered to Lord Swaminarayan in Annakut. The section was decorated with diyas, rangoli and variety of colourful Diwali greeting cards made by teachers out of old CDs’ brought by tiny tots from home. These greeting cards would be given  to tiny tots by the teachers on the last working day of 1st term  of the school.

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