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    Visit to EMRI- 108 Emergency Management Centre,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

8 October 2010, Raisan, INDIA
‘Taking care of other is called humanity’ keeping this concept in mind, way back emri set upon the service across the state.

BAPS students effervescently visited the 108 Emergency Management Centre, Ahmedabad.

Students were given information of its services.

Queries of two students Dhrumil Modi and Vimal Patel were answered by Mr. Subodh Satyawadi. COO of GVKEMRI-108 Emergency Services, Gujarat.

Interaction session with Mr Subodh Satyawadi, COO-GVKEMRI-108 Emergency Service, Gujarat.

  • What type of services is performed by 108?

    The types of emergencies like heart attack, snakebite, accident, chest pain , breathing difficulties , burns convulsion, unconsciousness etc. Any situation where hospitalization becomes necessary or appears to be an emergency case, 108 offers it services and most importantly It’s a Free Service and available 24x7.

  • What measures your staff take if the ambulance gets a problem at the time of emergency?

    They have three safeties back up powers. They are maintaining the ambulances and also break down are negligible.

  • Can you briefly explain us why it is called I.C.U. on wheels?

    It is an ambulance well equipped to handle all kind of medical, police, fire related emergencies at any point of time. So it is called as I.C.U. on wheels.

  • What steps do you take up at the time of emergency a public are out of control they abuse you?  

    We do not do job as professionals but work with lot of passion for saving lives. Further if it is provided mechanically, there would be problems. Here we do work with lot of sensitivity and follow the principles of affection, care and patience.

  • What support is provided to 108 by police on city roads and at time of traffic jams?

    This is a unique project, public and private agencies are involved. With all these three department like police, fire-brigade and traffic, the relationship is good and service provided are same by all the three department that is service to mankind where mutual cooperatation with one another makes any difficult task easy.
  • Serving your nation how do you feel?

    Absolute readiness to serve the nation round the clock. We provide treatment with affection and care. We wish to save 1million lives annually by 2011. We feel proud to save the life of our fellow beings.
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