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    Fancy Dress Competition
18 December 2010, Raisan, INDIA

BAPS is always motivating its students to participate in extracurricular activities. One such event which was witnessed on Saturday 18/12/2010 in the Fancy Dress Competition. “Play-way method” is a very good way to learn. The enthusiasm and interest which the children showed was clearly reflected through their costumes. Every standard was given different themes according to their level of understanding. The themes were closely related to “The Nature” in order to create awareness regarding different issues. This competition not only involved the performers but also the viewers who kept on encouraging the participates with loud applauses.

The themes were as follows:-
STD 1st: Different Animals:
This topic which was related to the importance of different animals. The children gave the information of animals such as Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Bear, and Elephant etc.

STD 2nd: Our Helpers:  
The theme aims at bringing awareness of different professions and their importance. How this people serve our community at large, and what are the duties of each. Children dressed up themselves as Doctor, teacher, pilot, engineer, painter etc. All of them explained their role as how they serve us.

STD 3rd: Different states (“Unity in diversity”):
India is country where people of different states live together and follow their own ways of tradition. How each state in India Stands uniquely with different language, culture, food and dressing, though different we unite together to form one nation. This concept was presented by performing as people of various States, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bihar etc. The costume worn by the children reflected the integrity of that particular state. Some students had also spoken the language of the state to make it more interesting.

Std 4th: Different Trees:
 Students were given a wonderful theme of “Save Trees, Save Earth”. In which they had played the role of
different trees such, Neem Tree, Banana Tree, Papaya Tree, Mango Tree etc. The students gave a good
performance by wearing fresh leaves and fruits. They explained the utility of each tree. Last but not
the least the Christmas tree was also part of the competition and Santa Claus graced the occasion by distributing

Std 5th: Different Occupation / Professions:
 Every child has a dream to grow up and join the profession of his choice. Kush Purani of Std-V presented a theme by a song “Papa Kehte hai” through which he gave message that parents often have predetermined roles for their child and they impose it on them, overlooking as to what are their aspirations. Here the students performed the various professions which have high as well as low values in the society, giving a message that working and earning is more important and no profession is considered dignified or lower, by performing as joker , doctor,   teacher, car designer, salesman, black commando, soldiers and so on.

Overall all the students participated enthusiastically and it is always the motto of BAPS: “Participating is as important as winning”.

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