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    Lt. Governor General of Delhi Visits BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Raisan
4 December 2010, Raisan, INDIA

On 4 December 2010, Lt. Governor General of Delhi, Shri Tejendra Khanna, visited the BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir at Raisan, near Gandhinagar. He was welcomed in traditional style by children of the pre-primary section, who applied a tilak while chanting Vedic shlokas.

He visited all the three sections of the school and was extremely delighted by the enthusiasm of the school management, teachers and students.

He also appreciated the extra-curricular achievements by the students.

In an illuminating discourse with the students of Standard 10 Shri Tejendra Khanna boosted their morale and emphasized the necessity of a spiritual environment in educational institutions, since unless there is inner and outer balance a person’s life is disturbed and becomes unstable.

Before departing, he expressed his best wishes for the success and progress of the school, staff and students.

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