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    Fruit and Vegetable Day
10 & 11 January 2011, Raisan, INDIA

BAPS Vidhya mandir-Raisan school celebrated Fruit and Vegetable day in January 2011. On Fruit Day children brought varieties of fruits. Teachers explained to students names of fruits their colour & season in which they grow and where they grow in abundance. Children actively took part in this question & answer sort of knowledge provided to them. Beautifully decorated fruits were also brought by some of them and some students dressed up as various fruits and also told something about that fruit. Teachers also taught them rhymes on various fruits.

On Vegetable Day celebration children brought varieties of vegetables. Teachers explained to students names of Vegetables, their colour & season in which they grow. They were also explained what  beneficial vitamins or minerals one gets by eating them. Some children also brought beautifully decorated vegetables. Some students dressed themselves as different vegetables and some wore garlands made of fresh vegetables & vegetable coloured paper cut outs.

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