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    Pujya Doctor Swami visits Pune Bal Mandal on 20th Feb 2011
20 February 2011, Pune, INDIA

Pujya Doctor Swami visited Pune Mandir site at Ambegoan on Sunday, 20th Feb 2011, 5:00 PM onwards. While he was heading for the “Sayunkt Sabha”, on his way he noticed the clown playing tricks in Bal Sabha. He couldn’t resist and to everyone’s surprise he insisted to come to Bal Sabha. He then addressed 126 Balaks with following wisdom:

A.      Television is a Curse. “Total Barbadi”
B.      “Sang, Samp and Sayyam”
C.      Attend Bal Sabha regularly
D.      Obey and Respect Parents. “Panchang Pranam”
E.      Pray to GOD
F.      Study well

Followed by Pujya Doctor Swami’s discourses, Subodh Sagar Swami told an interesting story to the Bal Mandal.

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