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    Bal Mandal Picnic
16 April 2011, Banglore, INDIA

With the blessings of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, on 16th April 2010, a picnic was organized for Bangalore Bal-Mandal. In the bal mandal picnic, there were a total of 24 kids. Pujya Saraljivan swami and Pujya Bhaktivedant swami also joined the picnic. We went to one of the well known resort in Bangalore. We departed from Mandir after performing the Shangar Aarti and returned by the Sandhya Aarti.  The day was recreational, kids enjoyed swimming, playing cricket, table tennis, rides and having delicious prasad. There were also spiritual discourses by Pujya Santos, which were whole heartedly appreciated by kids. End of the day, kids were very much happy and wanted to go for another picnic soon.

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