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    De-Addiction Campaign-Bangalore
April and May 2011

The De–addiction Camp was held at Bangalore in April–May 2011, during Kid’s summer vacation. Many Kids participated in the camp and enjoyed. During the camp many touching incidences happened. One of them was of the Kid, RohitRao, who was going to his native place Rajasthan after completing the Camp. When he was en-route in train, he saw a man besides him eating ‘Gutkha’ almost every hour. Rohit wouldn’t hold himself. Rohit explained the man about consequences of it. He also explained the man about spending money on fruits and dry fruits. Finally, he convinced the man for leaving addiction in front of God’s idol. In this way Rohit had changed the life of a man, who used to consume ‘Gutkha’ almost every hour of his day. This was just an instance of changing the life of one person by the Kid of BAPS but there are hundreds of incidences which have changed the lives of many people and the whole nation is proud of BAPS.

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