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    Dr. Swami Inspires Student at BAPS, Raisan
12 July 2011

“Asadha-sukla Ekadasi, indicates the day when Lord Vishnu goes to sleep with all the devas (demigods). It is said that after this day one should not perform any new auspicious ceremonies until DevotthAni EkAdasii (Probodhini EkAdasii), which occurs during the month of Kartika (October–November), because the devas (demigods), being asleep, cannot be invited to the sacrificial arena.

Fasting on this Ekadasi purifies one of all sins and fulfills one’s desires. Everyone should observe this Ekadasi fast for it bestows all kinds of happiness.

On this auspicious day, Rev. Swayam Prakash Swami, known as Doctor Swami, visited BAPS-SVM, Raisan, on Monday, July 12th. Earlier, Doctor Swami was welcomed by the students of nursery and kg classes and the Administrators of the school.

On addressing the gathering of teachers and students, he asked the teachers to tell the imperative examples to the students in the class besides study and encourage them to make efforts to achieve the best results, elaborating, the Swami said that there were numerous examples of bravery, honesty; hard working in the every corner of the world. The teachers should utilize internet and find out the examples. The students having talents and skills should be boosted and encouraged in creating the required atmosphere.

During the day long stay at Raisan, which received 100 percent results in SSC this year, Dr. Swami congratulated the outstanding students’ achievers’ in various fields with blessings and said that we still have to work hard and hard to be the best, rather world best. Besides moral character was also to be required for forming better society. He exhorted the students that they should also render social services and that they could it, if they allocated time for spiritual activities. He further added that all should keep themselves away from evils of addicts like tobacco, electronics Medias like TVs, Internet and mobile sets. No doubt these Medias are helpful and provide extra-ordinary world information but unless you utilize only for guidance and information.

The staff members as well as students were highly motivated and inspired by the preaching of Dr. Swami and all together will certainly make all out effort to fulfill his as well as H.D.H Pramukh Swami’s wish to make the school the Takshshila and Nalanda.



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