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    Bal Parayan Celebration- Raisan
8 Oct 2011

A religious atmosphere was spread over the campus of BAPS SVM, Raisan with the celebrations of BALPARAYAN on 08.10.11 in the Music Hall. Parayan was held with an aim to enrich religious knowledge and moral values of students.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp and the blessings of Pujya Yogidarshan Swami and Pujya Atmavijay Swami. It proceeded with Dhun, Prarthana and Pujan of ‘Vakta’ by the Administrators. The Parayan started by narrating the situation of Ghanshyam’s family members when he left the house to go to the forest at the age of 11. His younger brother Ichchharam was terribly hurt when he came to know that his brother has left for the forest. This momentum was beautifully presented by a skit and dance on a sad song “Oh! Ghanshyam……………pukari.”

How important parents are for a child and how different it is to leave parents at such a young age was presented by a dance of “Panchang Pranam” by tiny tots of class
I and II.

While Ghanshyam was in the forest he got the name Nilkanth and he performed many good deeds and also performed ‘tapas’. Many people become his devotees. The demon ‘Pibak’ could not tolerate it. He didn’t like people worshipping him and tried to kill Nilkanth and his Bhaktas’ with the help of Kal Bhairav, but he failed to do so and ultimately he himself became a sincere devotee of Nilkanth.

This entire incident was presented by a skit to perceive it more realistically. It was a wonderful experience looking at a demon turning to be a devotee.

After the Vakta finished reading the parayan and left the Vyaspith. Then after a short skit of Lord Ganesha and Kartikey was performed showing importance of parents in a child’s life. To a child his parents are the only world for him. It was overall an auspicious moment which all the students as well as teachers enjoyed. Also it taught us to inbuilt high moral values within us.

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