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    Annakut Festival- 2011
Service and Devotion of BAPS Children

Diwali and New Year’s Day are the crowning glory of all Hindu celebrations. Hindus in India and throughout the world celebrate the five-day festivals with intense devotion and joy. Children eagerly welcome these celebrations and enjoy them in a variety of ways: new clothes, sweet foods, fire crackers, decorations, relatives and friends.

In the BAPS, Diwali and New Year’s Day are special, memorable occasions of bhakti and seva for children. Every year the annakut celebrations at all the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandirs are grand and inspiring. After weeks of preparations by sadhus and devotees the food items are beautifully arranged in dishes for offering on annakut day. Annakut is an amazing expression of devotion, seva and faith rendered by children, youths and devotees. Thousands of devotees who come for darshan are filled with devotion faith and positive thoughts for the New Year. Seeing children excitedly engaged in various seva of the annakut festival inspires joy and love in the hearts of visitors.

Let us witness some glimpses of seva, devotion and love preformed by BAPS children during the annakut celebrations.

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