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H D H Pramukh Swami’s celebration of his glowing 90’s.

2 Dec 2011


It’s said that the saints are the symbol of suffering and sacrifice. The one who makes the realization of the inner lost light of humans is the only saint. Thus, they are also called the representatives of god. It was a birthday of such a worldly realized sadhu HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj on Dec-2 and the school BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir had celebrated it in grand and holistic way. The programme got started with the Dhun and Prarthana to Bhagwan Swaminarayan for the health of Swamishree. The students were eagerly waiting to share their words in the programme and the senior students of the school spoke about the qualities of love, sacrifice and tolerance of Swamishree. The speech focused on the love that Swamishree has on his ‘Haribhaktos’, the struggle he did for the institution to take it yonder skies and in spite of such a struggle he always had a great tolerance and humility for all of us. This can be the qualities only of the blessed souls; words are enough to describe his glory. Further, on it was the speech of Pujya Sevanistha Swami on Swamishrees experience from life. His words were that, “Problems and Obstacles are the part of life but we all are so lucky that we have the God realized sadhu whose life has been a portrait of inspiration for all of us to follow to”.  It was going to be the cracker of the morning when small student thundered in the entire programme with the fusion of ‘kirtans’ he had.  The students and the teachers were stunned by the heart throbbing performance of the kid. At last the programme was concluded by the Principal of the school.

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