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Vedic Mahapuja by Surat BAPS balaks
Surat, India

24 April- 20 May 2012


During May 2012 vacation,  balaks of Surat Balmandal performed prayers for peace of the world as per Vedic rites.

The participants around 204 were trained in the Vedic rites  between 24th  April and 20th May at BAPS  Swaminarayan Mandir, Adajan, Surat.  They were trained in all aspects of the ceremony.

The boys were organized into 68 groups, each of three boys.  Those in charge of the groups were provided with information regarding the venue and timings of the ceremony. They were also given essential materials like bookstands, 68 idols, Shaligrams, dhotis and upper cloths.
Before they began the yagna the participants had the privilege of being blessed by Swami Bapa at Sarangpur Mandir between May 16 and 17 on the occasion of the Yogi Jayanti.

After returning to Surat, they performed the yagna in 1025 houses of haribhaktos. Their elders also witnessed the ceremony.

This occasion has come as a crowning glory for the children.

This was possible through the efforts of  Pujya Amrutprakash Swami and Pujya Dinvatsal Swami.


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