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Bal-Balika Parayans
July- August 2013


The month of Shravan is an especially holy month in the Indian calendar. It is traditionally a time used to offer special devotion to God. The thousands of children of the BAPS Bal-Balika Mandals in India and across the world offered their devotion to Bhagwan Swaminarayan by performing bal parayans in their local centers. The parayans were themed “Bhakta Charitam”. Continuing for two or three days in each center, the bal parayan glorified Bhagwan Swaminarayan by singing the praises of his great devotees. The parayan, dances, skits and video presentations that filled the program focused on devotees like Dada Khachar, Samat Patel, Khima Suthar, Jivuba, Laduba, and Shri Hari’s paramhansas. Through the lives of these famous devotees children solidified the message of niyam, nischay, and paksha.

    Bal Parayan    

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