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A Grand Fun Fair
Shahibaug, Ahmedabad
September 2013


Shahibaug, Ahmedabad - Every children's sabha is an occasion of fun learning. However, to show kids just how much fun mandir can be, the BAPS Bal Mandal of Ahmedabad hosted its fourth grand 'Anand Melo' - or fun fair - at the BAPS mandir in Shahibaug. More than 607 karyakars worked under the guidance of the local sadhus to organize the event. After considering many options, ten special games were selected as they were not only fun, but also tested special skills like concentration, balance, patience, and self-control. The most favorite of the ten were a magic show, a trampoline, a bull ride, and a potter's wheel where a real potter taught children how to make clay pots. Each child also enjoyed the gifts, prizes, and mementos they received during the fair.

The great success of the event was measured not only by the large number of children present but also by the inspiration that they received to enjoy more fun and learning in weekly bal sabhas. Even their parents and karyakars enjoyed the event and received inspiration to always come up with new ways to teach their children valuable lessons through entertaining and exciting mediums. The event was such a success that


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