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An educational trip to Science City
Raisan, Ahmedabad
November 2013


With the motto “When innovation drives, success resonates” BAPS SWAMINARAYAN VIDHYAMANDIR, Raysan had recently organised an educational trip to science city for students of Std. VI to X and the students of std XI commerce helped as the volunteers.

The children commenced from the school at 10:00 am and reached the venue by 10:45 am. The first attraction of the day was the ‘Hall of Science’ exhibiting the information about various scientific concepts such as forms of energy, discovery of electricity, ancient apparatus used for the measurement of electricity and phenomenon based on refraction including a brief presentation on solar system.

Now, it was the most exhilarating and stunning time for the children where they entered in the world of fascinating experience by enjoying the ‘Thriller Ride’.

After lots of fun and enjoyment the students and teachers both enjoyed the refreshements which was followed by the most awaited part of the trip i.e The 3D movies viz. ‘T-REX’ and ‘Walking on the Moon’ which was entertaining, amusing as well as conveying a provoking message to the young minds that each of you is unique and has the potential to explore the life beyond earth.

Final destination of the day was ‘Earth Pavilion’ giving pratical experiences of earthquake, functioning of coal mine located at the depth of 30 mts, evolution of universe compiled of big bang theory, Milky Way, shapes of the stars.

The most capturing moment of the trip was the ‘Musical Fountain’ which displayed that our motherland India is rich intellectually as well as in terms of science and technology.

The students of BAPS SVM reached home with the sparkle of novel dreams, confidence and pride in their eyes and heart.



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