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Discourse by Sadguru Pujya VivekSagar Swami
Raisan, Ahmedabad
December 2013


Pujya Viveksagar Swami spoke extensively on shaping the personality of a person. He gave some of the important characteristics of a cultured and civilized person- A person should be hard working as there is no substitute to hard work. The way in which a person is taught and looked after when he was a child plays an important role in a person’s life - that is why it is said that ‘a child is a father to a man. ’Education is the light in a life of a person with which he steers and clears all the obstacles. He said that the character is that sublime aspect which paves the path to success. He also emphasized on the inner beauty of the person that helps develop true cognitive approach in life.

He quoted some of the great men like Mark Twain who said, “In religion and culture India is millionaire”; Arnold Toyen said, “Only way to salvation is the Indian way.”

Pujya Viveksagar Swami also suggested the students to lead a humble, pious and value-based life to become successful. In his encouraging discourse he also said,

“Where there is creation, there is a creator,
Where there is a pot, there is a potter,
Where there is a law, there should be a law-giver.”

For the holistic development of the students our school has been developing students’ sports skills which have borne a great result. Our 108 students have reached and played at the State level and 10 students at National level.Moreover, our basketball team has achieved a coveted Bronze award and stood third in the state. In order to encourage our Basket Ball team members Pujya Viveksagar Swami felicitated them for their achievement and blessed them to excel in future.


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