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Secunderabad, India
14 December 2014


Secunderabad, Telangana, December 14, 2014– Today around 100 children gathered at Hi-tech city area of Secunderabad for a day filled with fun- learning. The shibir started at 10 am with dhun, prarthana and kirtan using musical instruments. Followed by interesting story telling and brief lesson on Indian heritage and culture by sadhus. The attendees were also given activity notebooks which encouraged them to engage in the learning process. The shibir encompassed motivating videos and success stories accompanied by funny videos teaching the ABCDEF of being successful in life in a joyful way, which preached the children the importance of education and being honest. According to the theme, the children learnt importance of keeping Samp, Suradhbhav and Ekta – team work and to gain Rajipo of Param pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

 Post-lunch they were graced by the presence of a renowned Lawn Tennis player, Mr. Yogesh Shah who introduced the kids to the sport Lawn Tennis. Children played Basketball, Cricket and various other indoor games.  7-10 talented balaks presented a very well synchronized Hand-clap skit which displayed a live example of beauty of the theme of the shibir.

At the end, the ideal bal-balikas were awarded by prizes followed by a pledge taken by all children:-  “ Samp, Suradhbhav ane Ekta rakhi Hali mali ane ek mana thaine raji kariye Pragat Aksharbrahma Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj ane Parabrahma Purna Purushottam Narayan Swaminarayan Bhagwanne” 

The shibir ended with a session in which Parents were enlightened by sadhus on how talented their children are and on how they can lead their child to be an ideal child.


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