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BAL-BALIKA Pratibha Shibir
Ahmedabad, India
1 January 2015


Ahmedabad, India, February 1, 2015– A unique talent show was organized by the BAPS Bal Mandal in Ahmebadad, Gujarat. Organized with the intent to encourage and develop the talents of the participating children, the event was a grand success as more than 218 boys and 175 girls enthusiastically participated in the event. These children, led by 95 volunteers, came prepared in groups of seven children with a five-minute presentation on theme ‘Live for BAPS’. The judges were impressed with the variety of presentations –there were songs, dances, skits, videos and even gymnastics in the mix. Each presentation was judges for theme, presentation, creativity, audience involvement and time.

After the selected winners were awarded medals, each participant’s effort to please guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj was appreciated by giving him/her a piece of cloth sanctified by Swamishri.


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