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Parenting Seminar
Ahmedabad, India
1 January 2015


Ahmedabad, India, February 1, 2015– A special parenting seminar was organized in Ahmedabad on this day for the parents the city’s Bal Sevak Sabha members. BAPS Children’s Activities has a long tradition in providing unique training and encouragement to help raise generations of future leaders. One of these leadership programs is Bal Sevak Sabha (BSS). In Ahmedabad alone, BAPS runs 37 children’s leadership centres that serve more than 600 boys and girls. This seminar was dedicated to helping parents support and further the training and guidance these children receive in BSS.

The assembly begin with an introductory address by P. Muniprem Swami which was that followed by a presentation by Paras Parmar on the different training and development activities included within the BSS curriculum. P. Aksharatit Swami provided guidance on how parents can take part in this training and how changing our parenting paradigm can help us promote multifaceted development in our children. This informative and inspirational speeches were also interlaced with interesting video presentations and audience participation activities.
In closing, P. Doctor Swami also blessed the assembly inspiring parents to be aware that they and their children are always the representatives of BAPS, Hindu religion, and India. He also stressed the need to imbibe the messages of the Clean India Campaign in our daily lives.


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