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Bal Sampark Yagna
May 2015


Inspired by the life and message of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, over a period of one month, the volunteers of BAPS’s Children’s Activities visited the homes of 45,000 children to personally meet their families and help motivate the children to better themselves in their studies and satsang. The campaign was called “Bal SamparkYagna” and took place in 4,200 baland balikamandals all across Gujarat and in major cities across India. Approximately 5,500 volunteers visited more than 45,000 children and their families.

At each home, the volunteers would speak to the families about their personal satsang and also discuss any concerns the parents may have regarding their children. The volunteers would then spend time with the children and parents to help the child improve in his or her studies. Whether it be by helping set a study schedule or find a friend to tutor the child in certain subjects, the volunteers found and addressed each child’s need individually and personally. The family also watched a short video made specifically to increase the child’s confidence. Volunteers also shared simple slogans and phrases that would help the child motivate his or herself. Principal among these was “Hardwork + Prayer = Success”.

In the end, each child was given a goal card. This was a card on which each child wrote down what they targeted to earn in this year’s final exams. The card also included the motivational slogans and phrases discussed in the meeting. Then the volunteers and the family together prayed for the child’s success.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj has always highlighted the importance of education and spirituality for children. He himself has visited hundreds of thousands of homes and counselled just as many children and youth about their personal lives and educational and professional careers. Through his inspiration, BAPS’s Children’s Activities volunteers continue to work to further his message and do their part in nurturing a more peaceful, productive and spiritual society.


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