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'Swami Na Sainik'- Balika Parayan 2015
Ahmedabad, India
23 Aug 2015


A Balika Parayan was held in Ahmedabad on 23rd August, 2015, themed as “Swami Na Sainik”. The parayan was attended by more than 5000 balikas, yuvatis and mahilas.

The program commenced with the depiction of a ‘Kalyug Darbar’ in which the King of Kalyug and his allies – Anger, Jealousy, Stubbornness, Disobedience, Ego, Greed, Fear and others feel proud about ruling everyone’s lives. Since BAPS devotees are not influenced by his powers, the king calls upon his associate ‘Manji’ – the mind – and directs him to influence these BAPS devotees through various means.

It is mentioned in Gunatitand Swami’s ‘Swami ni Vato,’ “Ketlak ne mann ramade chhe, Ne ketlak mann ne remade chhe”- there are those who are led by their mind and desires, while there are some who can control their minds.  This was portrayed through skits, colorful dances, puppet show and inspirational speeches. Balikas learned how following basic disciplines like performing nitya puja, regular studies, eating healthy food, satsang reading, keeping good company and attending Balika Sabha regularly helps succeed in life and satsang.

The parayan concluded with a dance and a message to follow the guru’s wish for progress in life and in satsang, to be able to stay away from the influence of Kalyug.

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