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Bal- Balika Parayan 2015
Aug- Sep 2015


The month of Shravan is a special month for bhakti in the Indian calendar. Every year, special discourses or parayans are organised for one and all to enjoy the divine incidents of God and his avatars on Earth. This year, as has become tradition, the children of BAPS organised their own bal parayans across India and other countries.

Over 100,000 boys and girls participated in the more than 5000 bal parayans held across India. Themed ‘Ghanshyam Charitra’, this year’s parayans shared incidents from the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s childhood as they are told in the Harililamrut. The parayans were conducted in traditional fashion. Children lead the audience in a small puja at the beginning of the parayan.Specially trained children lead the parayan by singing the relevant verses of the Harililamrut much as a traditional bard or scholar would. Children added flavour and fun to the three-day events with dance performances, monologues, small plays, games and kirtan bhakti.

In this way, children celebrated the month of Shravan by celebrating the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and learning lessons from his life. And by using their talents to tell the tales of God, they offered him bhakti in their own special way.


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