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BSS Bal–Balika Karyakar Shibir 2015
Sankari, India

22 to 25 Oct 2015


Sankari, Gujarat, October 25, 2015– This year’s annual BSS Karyakar Shibir took place from 22 to 25 October at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Sankri. More than 1100 volunteers took part in the unique shibir themed ‘Sadhana’.

The BSS program is a special development course for selected children that takes place in hundreds of centres across India. Dedicated and talented volunteers take special time every month to mentor the children in these programs in public speaking, management, life skills and Satsang knowledge. It is to train and motivate these karyakars that the Children’s Activities Central Office organises an annual BSS Karyakar Shibir.

This year the shibir took place in the village of Sankri at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir. Sankri was a unique and fitting destination for the annual shibir as it is both Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s first mandir and located in a remote rural setting befitting the theme of the shibir this year – Sadhana.

The shibir explained that sadhanais the endeavour to become aksharrup and worship Purushottam. That endeavour has three important parts: 1. ahnik 2. seva and 3. niyam dharma. Guidance on these topics were given through discourses by Pujya Ghanshyamcharan Swami, video interviews with senior sadguru sadhus and workshops presented by experienced sadhus and volunteers.

There were also three unique special programmes during the shibir. On the first night, a play ‘Muktina Madan’ was presented by the talented actors of BAPS Surat. In honour of Dashera, the second night featured an event called ‘Swabhavdahan’ in which the participants burned down a 10-headed Ravan-like figure which represented their negative qualities and personality traits. Each participant made a firm vow to tackle one of these negative traits in the coming year and threw slip of paper with that trait written on it into the flames. The final evening of the event saw a fun fair come to life. Children’s Activities volunteers from Ahmedabad organised a fair of activities that were made from things one could find around the house or in any village. Each activity was based on a sabha in the BSS syllabus and showed how just a little bit of thought can take ordinary things and turn them into extraordinarily fun presentations on important satsang and life lessons.

The more than 1100 participants left the shibir with a rejuvenated mission to increase the depth of their satsang and help the children in their charge imbibe these important values. Many believed that as the Sadhana shibir ended, their true sadhana was just beginning.


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