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University of Brahmavidya
New Delhi, India

2 January 2017


A program titled "University of Brahmavidya" was organized by Delhi Bal/Balika mandal at Pathways World School on 2nd of January 2017 which was attended by over 210 kids from Delhi.

In this one day program, teaching about 'Brahmavidya' was conducted for kids which is the philosophical knowledge that Lord Ghanshyam told to scholars when he was 10 years old, in a debate at Kashi.

The process of preaching was done by dividing the curriculum in 5 parts: Jeeva, Ishwar, Maya, Brahma and Parbhrama. This was summarized in a total of 8 classes by means of smart presentations, activities, games, one to one interaction, doubt clearing sessions and more in a very interesting and pellucid way. Children attended the classes with great enthusiasm and exuberance. Professors were amused by the logical questions asked by small kids during classes. Moreover, kids were found to be discussing about the philosophical topic in their free time.

The end to the classes gave the way for revision time to prepare for a final exam. The event then marked its success when all kids managed to pass the exam with good marks. Conclusion to the program reached the evening filled with enthusiasm and zeal while the convocation ceremony was carried out as the kids become graduates from the “University of Brahmavidya.”



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