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Bal-Balika Parayan 2019: Jay Jay Vachnamrutam
Aug 2019


The holy month of Shravan is a month for Katha-varta (discourses), vows, austerity and for offering devotion to God. Like every year, this year too, little kids of BAPS' bal-balika mandals offered their devotion to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj, by arranging bal-balika parayans. As per the guidance from Bal Pravrutti Madhyastha Karyalay, karyakars and balaks arranged parayan for three days in different mandirs and centers as per their talent and competence.

In India, this year's parayans were arranged from 1st August to 31st August, on the theme of ‘Jay Jay Vachanamrutam’ on the occasion of Vachanamrut Dvishtabdi Mahotsav. The general program over these three days was:

Day-1: ‘Vachanamrut the quintessence of all the scriptures,’ - the glory and history of the Vachanamrut.

Day-2 ‘Glory of Bhagwan in Vachanamrut,’ - excerpts and essence from the Vachanamrut stating the glory of Bhagwan, that He is the all doer, the importance of being in His refuge and of following the guidance of Bhagwan and Sant.

Day-3: Pragat Gunatit Sant whose glory is sung in Vachanamrut.

Thus, balaks gave the message of the Vachanamrut to all, in their innocent manner. Additionally, balaks presented aspects of the Vachanamrut in different forms such as short story, mono acting, dance, workshop etc. Videos related to Vachanamrut were also shown during the parayans.

On the first day of the parayans, a pothiyatra was arranged in which balaks sang dhun, prarthana and kirtans. The pothiyatra was further enriched by adornment of Bhakta Prahlad, Dhruv, Shravan, Naradji by balaks. Artistic competitions of hindola, arti, drawing were arranged to involve balak-balikas. On the parayan's final day, an annakut of around 80 to 100 delicacies was prepared and offered to thakorji. Swamis responsible for bal pravrutti from respective temples attended the bal parayans.

Bal parayans were arranged in around 2,000 bal mandal in which around 50,000 balaks participated. Balika parayan was arranged in around 1,500 balika mandal and around 35,000 balikas participated. A few glimpses of the bal parayans were also presented in Sanyukta sabhas.


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