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Mahila Mandal Shishika – Balika Graduation Ceremony
Melbourne, Australia
21 February 2016


On 21st Feb 2016, BAPS Melbourne Mahila Mandal had its first ever Shishika-Balika graduation ceremony. Melbourne BAPS mandir beemed with excitement as shishikas, balikas, kishoris and mahilas filled the hall in colourful festive clothes.

The long awaited graduation ceremony started with graduating shishikas talking about their experiences in the shishika sabha in their innocent but impressive manner. This was followed by a skit by graduating balikas - 'Being a Satsangi in the West' sharing their real-life experiences in following Bhagwan Swaminarayan's agna.

Parents (mothers) of some shishikas and balikas shared how their daughter(s) positively influenced others in their families by the values they learned at these sabhas. Memorable events of the past years were relived through video presentations. When the graduating girls were given saffron coloured hats and certificates, the kishoris recited the 'shanti path' making the atmosphere truely divine. The girls actually felt that they were graduating from the 'College of Brahamvidya'!

The graduates marched around the hall with BAPS flag as 'Swami na sainik ame a kuchh amari ave chhe' played in the background along with crowd's cheering and clapping followed by arti and mahaprasad for all attendee.


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