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Bal Mandal Indoor Soccer Tournament - Yogi Cup 2016
Asia Pacific
May - September 2016


The first inaugural Yogi Cup for Bal Mandal in Australia-New Zealand was launched this year. announced and planned for Bal Mandal in Australia-New Zealand for 2016. Between the months of May - September the following centers participated in this event: Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane and Melbourne. The tournament was created with the purpose to promote samp, suradhbhav and ekta which were the key values and principals advocated by Yogiji Maharaj.

The tournament consisted of a day long event in which started with a sabha where the importance of Samp was presented. Teams played a series of round robin games which ultimately lead to the playoffs and a final game until the eventual winner was crowned. The Most Valuable Player and the winning team received a trophy and players of the winning were also awarded medals for their exceptional performance throughout the tournament.

The competition helped to foster a team spirit and friendship between fellow Balaks who enjoyed the competition and created memories that they will cherish for many years to come. Regardless of the skill levels all the Balaks united with their teams, and came together to participate in this event which created an enthusiastic and entertaining environment for all.

In total over 170 Balaks across five centres of the ANZ region participated in the event. Through the grace of P.P Mahant Swami Maharaj, Karyakars from each center devoted their time and planned the event thoroughly which made it a memorable experience for all the Balaks.

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