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Bal-Balika Mandal Sports Day
17 March 2017


On Friday 17th March, 2017, Kuwait Bal & Balika mandal held their Sports day at Abu Halifa Garden at Kuwait. Approximately 35 Bal- Balika participated in the sports vent.

The bright & sunny day was amazingly harmonized by all the Bal-Balikas stepping out in the sun to cheer-up themselves & other children.

The Event started at morning 9.30 a.m. with all the Bal-Balika. There were children starting from KG Level to 6th Standard. Everyone was very much excited about the games to be played & competition to be held.

Separate Games for Bal & Balika were held and children were given opportunity to show off their talents in the various races and competitions like Running race, lemon-spoon, Group Games, counting game & Relay.

Games for Balika’s were managed by Balika sanchalak and other ladies and same for the Bals were managed by Bal sanchalak and other Yuvaks with great enthusiasm and motivational attitude.


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