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East London Bal-Balika Party

Tuesday 20 January 2009, UK


The East London Satsang Mandal held a special Bal-Balika party on the evening of Tuesday 20 January 2009 at Beal High School, London. Entitled ‘Jungle Safari’, each child arrived dressed resembling a particular wild animal to create an authentic jungle atmosphere.

Children began to stream through the doors of the school shortly before 7.30pm and were welcomed by friendly faces with music and a wonderful jungle exhibition. Following registration and an official welcome, the first of the evening’s games began as joyous children and parents participated whole-heartedly.

A short quiz was organised shortly afterwards to keep the balaks and balikas engaged and P.Yagnatilak Swami shared memorable prasangs of Nilkanth Varni, who travelled through the jungles of the Himalayas as a young child.

The quiz continued to provide excitement and entertainment before the games resumed to the delight of the young children. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the quiz before the bal-balikas were treated to a wonderful dinner.

The event proved to be an overwhelming success and balaks and balikas were able to introduce their friends to the weekly activities of the Bal Mandal. Over 80 children attended the party and all of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One Sanchalak said, “All the karyakars put in a lot of effort to organise the party and it was so glad to see all the children thoroughly enjoying themselves. Some of the children told me that they want to have a similar party again.”

Congratulations to all the East London Mandal Bal karyakars.


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