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    SSS goes to Gambado, Watford
5 December 2010


A Fun trip to Gambado Play Centre, Watford, was organised for 5th December 2010. 5-9 year old bal-balikas from the Swaminarayan Sunday School, London, enjoyed this fun-filled trip where they were able to play in ball-ponds, slides, climbing walls, dodgems, etc, in a safe and secure environment.  A special double-decker coach was organised by the karyakars to take the children and the karyakars. The balaks went first during their Bal Mandal time and the balikas went later in the day after the balaks had returned. 

All the 5-9 year old balaks reached the Mandir between 8.45am and 9.00am on Sunday. 57 balaks were checked into the coach and 3 balaks arrived straight to the Play Centre by car. The balaks were so excited and enthusiastic about the play centre that the freezing temperatures didn't bother them. P. Manoharmurti Swami and P. Yagnatilak Swami had given the balaks and the 13 Karyakars a nice surprise by joining them in the coach. The coach departed the Mandir by 9.10am with a loud Jaynad. The balaks were given the sheets of the song "I love Bapa" to practise and they enjoyed singing during the journey. The coach reached the play centre by 9.45am. All the balaks couldn’t wait to rush into the centre but discipline was maintained and all the balaks entered the centre in a single line. 

Some balaks started to queue for the dodgems car track, while as some rushed into the large play frame. Some of the balaks thoroughly enjoyed the climbing wall activity and the ball shooting area. With so much fun to experience, some of the balaks had to be dragged out of the activities whilst some of them were exhausted. On the way back, the balaks and karyakars enjoyed having snacks. Finally, the balaks returned to the Mandir by 12.30pm. The fun time had to come to an end and balaks went to their respective Gujarati Classes. All the bal-balikas really enjoyed the day out as it was a change from their normal Bal-Balika Mandal sabha.

Congratulations to the Sunday School karayakars for organising the trip.
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