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    UK Bal-Balikas Visit the London Mayor’s Office
Monday 18 April 2011


The newly established Balak Sevak Training (BST) group visited City Hall in London on Monday 18 April 2011.

The motto of BST is ‘Unleashing the Power Within,’ and the objective of the visit for the 36 children and four karyakars was to gain an insight into the way London works and understand the qualities required to operate one of the busiest capital cities in the world.

The group made their way to City Hall – headquarters of the Greater London Authority (GLA) comprising also The London Mayor’s Office – on the south bank of the River Thames. There they were greeted by Richard, their helpful guide.

After being given a brief history of London, the group was taken to the basement level which contained a large map of London printed on the floor. Immediately, the children began to identify famous landmarks on the map, including BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden.

Included in the tour was a glimpse of the Chamber’s Room which is normally used for meetings and debates. An enlightening presentation consisting of a video presentation and quizzes on ‘How London Works’ was given which provided an insight into the Mayor’s responsibility and the GLA’s role in the running of London.

After the talk, the group was taken to the top of the famous building on a spiralling staircase which eventually led to ‘London’s Living Room’ – a special meeting space hired out for corporate events. The guide took the group onto the balcony which encircled the whole building. As the children walked past, they were able to enjoy breathtaking views of London.

After some group photographs, the guide led the children back down to the ground floor where they also got a glimpse of the audio-visual room where debates and meetings take place.

The tour ended after the group thanked Richard for his kind help.

It proved to be a memorable, enjoyable and educational day out, where the children gained a valuable understanding behind the running of the country’s capital and how they could also contribute to it by ‘Unleashing the Power Within’.
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