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    Children of The Swaminarayan Sunday School Visit Legoland
London, UK

4 November 2011


The Swaminarayan Sunday School organised an excursion to Legoland for children aged between 5-9 years on Sunday 4 November 2012. The persistent showers at the start of the day did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 160 children,sporting special wrist bands with excitement.

Welcome sunshine replaced the rain as the coaches arrived at Legoland wherethe children were acquainted with their group leaders for the day. Plastic rain ponchos were on hand to protect the young adventurers from any further rain.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the rides and attractions and were not afraid of the heights and speeds. The visit not only provided entertainment, but helped to foster important values including teamwork and unity.

A delicious packed lunch was provided and the children readily shared food and in general, looked out for one another very well. Theycontinued after lunch and the cool temperatures did not affect their eagerness.

One of the children who visited Legoland said, “Before, I was scared of rides, but thanks to my friends and the volunteers, I managed to fight my fear and go on more rides than I expected. It was cool!”

Another child expressed, “I have been to Legoland with my parents, but this was much more fun as all my friends were with me and our group leader really looked after us, just like my mum.”

Some of the parents that accompanied the children on the trip added, “We do not have many opportunities for outings with our children. I have definitely realised how important they are and we will try and go out now more as a family. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Congratulations to the volunteers of The Swaminarayan Sunday School for organising thismemorable trip and having a fun day out with their children to help them learn about important values in an innovative way.


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