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Fun Fair 2015
Ireland, Europe
11 July2015


On Sunday 11th July, the Ireland Bal-Balika Mandal held a mini Funfair at Palmerstown Secondary School in Dublin. The event was organised and fully run by the Bal-Balikas.

The main aim of the event was to raise funds for the sabha and also to bring the children together by letting them run the event using skills such as organisation, time management, public speaking, event management and planning.

Following 3 weeks of preparation during which the children communicated through weekly conference calls and meetings, an exciting fair was organised.Food stalls, games stalls and art & craft stalls were set up around the hall. Over 30 people attended the event. Everyone participated in the quizzes and games as well as buying food and hand-made arts & crafts by the children.

The event was a great success and raised lots of funds for the mandal. Everyone was really pleased to see the Bal Mandal work together with such dedication and enthusiasm. They hope to continue being more innovative with creative ideas for fun fairs in the future. Congratulations to Ireland Bal-Balika Mandal.



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