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Parents Days
July 2016


The program began with a child giving a speech of the importance of moral values in today’s society and how the Bal-Balika Mandal helps cultivate these values. A special video showing the highlights of their last year in Bal Mandal was shown to parents who were surprised with the number of activities their children had participated in. Special awards and certificates were given to the highest achievers in Bal-Balika Mandal and in Gujarati. Parents were then free to meet the teachers and collect a report of their child.

Below are some remarks of Parents:

“I am really impressed with how my child has progressed this year. Through the KUC, they have started doing regular arti and ghar sabha at home. The Bal Mandal has made a big change in our family.”

“This is my first year with my children in BAPS and we as a family are very appreciative of the dedication of the volunteers and extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. Hats off to you all. Not seen this much happening anywhere else!”

Over 550 parents were contacted through these Parents Days.

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