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Bal-Balika Mandal Annakut
Paris, Europe
1 Nov 2016


On Tuesday 1st November 2016, Paris Bal-Balika Mandal celebrated the Annakut festival in a grand manner with over 200 different items offered to God.

From early morning, children were involved with the decoration and annakut preparation. As people entered in the evening, children did chandlo and tied the nada-chhadi to all. Children were also able to do Abhishek of Nilkanth Varni.

An array of different activities had been organised by the karyakars. This ranged from colouring for the younger children to mazes, quizzes and other games for the older ones.

P.Santos were also present to encourage the kids and impart the true meaning of Diwali/Annakut to all. They recited the story of Diwali from the Ramayan.

Following thal and arti, all the children took Prasad and left.

Approximately 120 children attended to participate in the festival. Congratulations to all the Paris karyakars who worked tirelessly with the children to make this a truly memorable event.

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