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Northern Region Bal-Balika Shibir
Manchester, Europe
28-29 April 2018


A two-day Bal-Balika Shibir, the first of its kind for children from mandirs and centers in north England and Scotland, was attended by 36 children.

The shibir covered topics such as punarjanma (rebirth) and karma, rites and rituals, and other fundamental concepts of Hinduism. These subjects were presented in an interactive and practical manner with explanations from swamis to reinforce important messages.

Various engaging activities supplemented the teachings and provided an opportunity for children to work together to build unity. These included making wicks which are used in the arti, and an innovative game to help focus on devotion and worship of murtis. Teams of volunteers were also on hand to facilitate and support the sessions and answer questions.

A separate session for parents was simultaneously organized, exploring the impact of technology on young children. Parents also received guidance on how to actively and constructively mold the lives of their children.

The children also participated in various morning rituals together, including samuh puja and arti.

The shibir proved to be an inspiring experience, giving the children a deeper insight into the rich traditions and history of Hinduism. It also provided them an opportunity to make friends with children from different centers and to enhance their spiritual development in a relaxed environment.


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